Other good blogs to follow?

The mustachianpost is a pretty good blog, and this forum seems to be a pretty good way to discuss and read opinions of people “on the same boat”, a swiss boat in this case.

I know there are plenty of other blogs and people to follow.
What are the ones you think are the best?

My little contribution to this thread, Big ERN’s blog:

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I am interested to see what people contribute here.

Not really a blog, but I have enjoyed some (not all) of these podcasts: https://financial-independence.eu/
Be warned, the German guy and the Scottish girl are fairly easy to understand, but the Dutch guy is sometimes indecipherable… :laughing:


Do those type of blog bring much value? Surfing on market fear/news doesn’t seem very mustachian :slight_smile:

Hi, some blogs about FI/RE:





I think Dutch Guy is fairly easy to understand, he just talks too damn much. Especially during interviews, where he really tends to drown out the person being interviewed. But the podcast is mostly good.

I like Big ERN’s blog for the more technical stuff. Two other sites I appreciate:

https://monevator.com/ - I skip the UK-related stuff as it’s not relevant to me personally, but I like most of his other posts and especially his weekend reading lists.

https://www.finanzwesir.com/blog - you probably know this guy already if you can read German and are into FI. Basic Boglehead philosophy translated into German. Something like 60% of his posts are devoted to smacking down readers who submit their overcomplicated, overwrought investment plans (in an entertaining fashion).

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Haha, yes true, he is quite rambly and you can often hear him trying to figure out how the hell he is going to end the sentence he just started (admittedly, I might end up doing the same thing if I had to interview people :slight_smile:). I am not used to his Dutch accent as all the Dutch I know speak like they are straight out of an American sitcom. But they seem like a decent group behind the podcast and appear to be maturing/getting better as it progresses.

Those 2 blogs you mentioned sound interesting - I will check them out (and learn German too).

Speaking of being rambly, I really love http://retireinprogress.com/ . I guess I find rambliness more endearing in written form. I actually find myself cheering for the guy - hope he gets his rich person problems sorted out soon!

Another site that is good for discovering personal finance blogs is this: https://directory.rockstarfinance.com/blogger-net-worth-tracker
A bit US-centric (like much of the internet), but it is sometimes interesting to click a few random ones to see what they have to say. Some are a far cry from whatever mustachianism is.

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I have been following sparkojote for a while, but he does A LOT of stuff I don’t like:

  • stock picking
  • bragging with dividends. I dunno if he doesn’t know or doesn’t earn anything or just neglects the taxes he’s paying. but presenting how many rappen behind the comma he earned and not talking about the 30% he’ll lose at the end of the year…
  • P2P lending
  • the blog is full of ads mostly irrelevant bullsh*t
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Yea I think I’m actually with you. I don’t like his blog that much anymore too (for the same reasons you listed). I included him just because I know the blog and because it was one of my first financial blogs that I stumbled upon :slight_smile:

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There is also a “nice” blog of two sino-canadians I don’t want to link (…revolution). It’s a nice example on how to …monetize FIRE. They link every second that chiuaua thing they do for FIRE-suckers (maybe I’m too harsh…) and stubbornly stay on their course without leaving a doubt on their methodology (wich our own mrRip pointed as being problematic on their comments). Also fun to see how suddenly they started to post their own faces on the photo that previously were faceless. I suppose they want to build their brand more. Probably for book sales.
Anyway it’s not that bad if I keep checking it… :slight_smile:

Branding is nowadays everything, in every kind of business :wink:

And be rest assured, I‘ll plan on removing ads in october on my blog.

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