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Dear fellow Mustachians,

Thought I’ll create a new topic here to share some of our most beloved resources, looking forward to other inputs as well ;o)

Early Retirement Extreme (Jacob Lund Fisker)
Your Money or your Life (Vicki Robin)
The Simple Path to Wealth (JL Collins)
The Millionaire Next Door (Thomas J. Stanley)
Building Wealth One House at a Time (John W. Schaub)

Check this page once per day (every workday, the 3 best blog posts of a selection of more than 200 blogs will be shown here, many cross references can be found as well):

Video Resources (German source, Prof. Heri and his friends):

Podcast (updated 3 x per week, huge archive with almost 500 episodes, idea to listen to during a commute):

Have fun and learn a lot!


+1 for Early Retirement Extreme and Your Money or Your Life.

I would also add :
-Poor Charlie’s Almanack (Charlie Munger)
-Value Investing (James Montier)
-The Dhandho Investor (Manish Pabrai)
-Antifragile (Nassim Taleb) (his other books are worth reading too!)

As with podcast, i would also recommend : ( the target audience is more for beginners, but the guests are often great)


hugely interesting site:


Yes, this is a website done by a member of the ERE forum :wink:
If you want to add suggestions :

I am nearly done reading “Can I Retire Yet ?” from Darrow Kirkpatrick and it contains a good coverage of how to plan you financial independance. It tries to balance the equation between personal assets/investments, relying on standard pension or buying your own pension with insurance companies. It is US centric as usual but it is generic enough to be useful for us in Switzerland.


Thank you for pointing to this author I didn’t know. :grinning:

Found some food for thinking on his blog (here the full article, ).

…one of the little-discussed aspects of attaining financial freedom is how your life changes from pre-determined to self-determined. You don’t get to follow the default script imposed by society because financial freedom obliterates the script and leaves a void in its place.”

It’s up to you to fill that void. Having the wealth to live however you choose means you’re out of excuses for those parts of your life that aren’t measuring up. You can’t blame your job for being out of shape or unhealthy. You can’t blame your kids for not pursuing a creative passion. You can’t blame the pressure to climb the corporate ladder for not taking time to develop relationships. The responsibility for what you become now rests squarely on your own shoulders.

Traveling and recreation are common retirement pursuits. They are certainly an important element of happiness. But they aren’t the whole story. It is exciting to explore beautiful new places. But, after a while, the good times and beautiful scenery may not be enough, unless they serve a meaningful purpose. Most of us need more…."


found this one, a summary of reasonable (=passive, diversified index) investing

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Hello everybody!

If personal advertisement is allowed here, I would like to announce that I also started a blog about my personal journey toward FI :
The purposes are multiple :
-The site is in two languages : english and french (I had the impression that the FI community lacks seriously some french content)
-Lots of mustachians are using a low fees indexing strategy. As I am investing in another way (The Net Nets, made popular by Ben Graham), it should be interesting to share my insights.
-There are still too few swiss websites talking about FIRE. The more we are to spread the good words, the more impact we will have on this world!



EDIT, JUNE 2020: As summed up below, unfortunately this blog has since been closed.


Dear Julianek,

Congratulations and have great fun with your Blog project, I’ve already started indulging in your Blog!!!

So cool!
congrats! and good luck with it. Ofc i will browse it :slight_smile:

@Julianek A blog by a fellow mustachianpost user? Hell yea of course I will read it.

I am kind of missing the subscribe button, i always forget to check blogs if I am not reminded.

Congrats @Julianek on your blog! That’s awesome! I’ll be your reader! :slight_smile:

Here’s a list of my favourites:

Books: “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham, “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau, “Economics in One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt (not completely FI/ER related, but it’s my favourite book about economics, which is my hobby)

Podcasts: Mad Fientist, Afford Anything

Blogs: MMM, JLCollins, GoCurryCracker

her a german interview of Thomas Peterffy, Founder of Interactive Brokers:

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So far nobody has mentioned magazines and newspapers.

Personally, I read the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) and value their articles on finance and economy.

What I could recommend in particular is Foreign Affairs. A fully digital subscription doesn’t cost much and there are many articles on geopolitics, finance, economy and general topics that could be of interest to the people in this forum. Some articles are also free, like this one.

The 80000 hours podcast is great.

The organisation itself aims to help people choose/change career so that they can “solve the worlds most pressing problems.”
But the podcast is great for people who do not care to reconsider their career aswell.

There are great guests discussing many diverse topics, like philosophy, teconomics, existential risks, philanthropy, animal welfare, emerging technologies and so on…

Some of my favourite episodes are:
Tyler Cowen about how to acheive long-term economic growth.
David Chalmers about consciousness. [Warning: 'Tis long.]
Vitalik Buterin about the possibilities of blockchain and the difficulties of implementing it well.
Toby Ord about the utmost importance of the long-term future.
Bryan Caplan about the (supposed) pointlessness of most traditional education.
Philip Tetlock about the importance of accurate predictions and how to become better at them.
Persis Eskander about wild animal welfare.

A few podcasts I am checking out occasionally:

I’m surprised noone has mentioned ChooseFI yet. I really like listening to their podcast. About half their episodes are too US-focussed to be of much use in switzerland, but the rest is quite good.

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It’s not FI or Frugal but more business and personal finances, but I really enjoy two podcasts:

  • Listen Money Matters
  • Money Lab

I really like the way it’s presented, very entertaining. With most other podcast, I just can’t listen for more than 10 minutes, but these ones are pretty cool.

“Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site” :frowning:

Yeah, I think @Julianek closed the blog already long time ago…

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