NZZ - Article about the Fire movement published on 22/05/2023

From today’s newspaper. May be of interest for the German readers.


Hi, please post a link to the article, instead of the article itself, as you are committing a copyright violation.
You can quote it in parts.


Great stuff, hope it gets more people into index investing :+1:


Yeah I guess it’s not ok to paste the whole thing. Can you choose the key fragment and cut out the rest?

Btw I wonder if Marc Pittet is MP :sweat_smile:

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I thought that was well known on the forum already. :slight_smile:

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I never searched for that info :man_shrugging:

The previous post to the previous NZZ Article from September 2019 :blush:

It seems they will catch up with Marc again in about 2027 for the next article :wink: (he will have reached the Target NW by then(?).


Now that you post it, I remember something. I seem to forget a lot of things from the past.

I think it is rather a good sign :face_with_monocle:. Journalist obviously had many things to write about after September 2019, and the fact that they are now repeating old articles means that currently there are not many things that readers are interested in (sorry Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Sudan, and especially sorry to those that I can’t even remember). Which is a good thing for us, economy and investments develop best when there are not many interesting things happening in the world.

For example there is a clear correlation between the intensity of discussion in this and similar threads

and market bottoms.