Mustachian phone plan


If you already have a discount with Yallo without a fixed term, you can still change to a bigger discount :smile:

I have just successfully changed my Yallo Fat subscription with 50% discount forever (58-29=29 chf) to Yallo Fat with 60% discount (58-35=23 chf)

I’m also happy to provide a recommendation code for the first month for free with Yallo :wink:


What have you done to change your existing Yallo Fat to the 60% offer? I have seen that that 60% offer is still available:


I logged in to “My Yallo” and chose an option “Change Plan”, and chose again Yallo Fat, this time with 60% discount.


Hi Pet,

yes, I did it. It was super easy, and they even confirmed my change date for 09.05.2019 ! I still have a fixed contract at Salt, but fortunately I could manage the change. I was wondering positively, because the change should be further in the future than 120 days.

If you need, I can send you a referral code (first month for you and for me for free :wink: )


I hate it when they say “unlimited - up to x gygabytes per month”. That’s not really unlimited. My girlfriend once had such an offer and her data was useless after they throttled it down.