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If you already have a discount with Yallo without a fixed term, you can still change to a bigger discount :smile:

I have just successfully changed my Yallo Fat subscription with 50% discount forever (58-29=29 chf) to Yallo Fat with 60% discount (58-35=23 chf)

I’m also happy to provide a recommendation code for the first month for free with Yallo :wink:


What have you done to change your existing Yallo Fat to the 60% offer? I have seen that that 60% offer is still available:

I logged in to “My Yallo” and chose an option “Change Plan”, and chose again Yallo Fat, this time with 60% discount.

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Hi Pet,

yes, I did it. It was super easy, and they even confirmed my change date for 09.05.2019 ! I still have a fixed contract at Salt, but fortunately I could manage the change. I was wondering positively, because the change should be further in the future than 120 days.

If you need, I can send you a referral code (first month for you and for me for free :wink: )

I hate it when they say “unlimited - up to x gygabytes per month”. That’s not really unlimited. My girlfriend once had such an offer and her data was useless after they throttled it down.


If you use as your ISP, check out: Use option “Mit Minuten Tarif telefonieren”.
Mobile Smart S Basic gives you 2GB of data per month + a nice add on of 500MB/year free Europe data roaming (that helps for sporadic Whatsapp messages and voip calls abroad).
My wife and I are using it: Total cost for both together is 10 CH / month (see family rabat).

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Here a case study of my past 15 month (since then i have my current phone subscription):

comments: i got this salt abo at christmas 2017, it is the smart swiss abo, including unlimited data, calls & sms in switzerland for CHF 19.95/ month (christmas deal 2017).

since i got a job on october with a phone plan that would cover all this (private) usage, i am eagerly waiting for cancelling this abo…


  • sms: i hardly use. basically only when i am forced to by people that dont support alternatives as whatsapp , skype or threema
  • calls: i am a low user with ~30 mins per month on average, and even less if i consider the recent rise which comes from my phone using my private number by default, so lots of company calls are in there. some few calls with my parents outside of switzerland
  • data: same here, 1gb on average including the recent rise, when i started using my phone as hotspor for job-related stuff
  • cost: i hardly ever pay the base price. on average 30 per month, that is 50% more that the base price. i feel squeezed out like a lemon. i even once (successfully) requested to remove chf 30 from my bill after some 5kb of data outside of europe leaked through my account, despite counter-roaming measures.

conclusion: i need a new private provider, probably some pre-paid, since all consumption is covered by my employer. in case this changes, i now have a solid bases to decide on my future plan.

Doesn’t get cheaper and better than this:

19CHF for

  • Contract duration: 0 months
  • Minutes Unlimited within Switzerland
  • Mobile Internet 3 GB high-speed (Sunrise Network)
  • SMS & MMS Unlimited within Switzerland

Or 29CHF for flat internet and 200MB roaming.

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I also recommend Yallo:

  • look for discounts (they have 50% now on selected subscriptions) - but it keeps changing…
  • ask somebody with a Yallo subscription to refer you (I’m happy to help, just send me a PM) - you get one month for free :slight_smile:
  • call their customer support (there is a free number, not only the paid one) - and complain about stuff - they sometimes are so confused that just say “Would it be OK if we reimburse you ABC”, which has nothing to do with what I asked, but I always gladly accept.

BTW. You can sign up for phone number migration with a future date, using the current advertised offer on the website.

The sign-up (SIM card) fee of 40 CHF was also reimbursed…

I have Yallo Fat:

  • all CH included without limit
  • 200 MB/month EU/US roaming included
  • 60 min/month to EU/US included
  • 0 month contract
    for 23 CHF/month (discount)… and still: I paid my last bill in October 2018
    Since then there are always some bonuses, etc. still over 60 CHF overpaid…

Strongly recommend :slight_smile:

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What do you mean with bonuses? You complain every month about stuff that doesn’t happen? That doesn’t sound fair…

Btw, do you use the roaming calls? I’ve heard Yallo uses third-fourth-fifth parties for roaming and sometimes things get bad (bad audio, no caller-id, chinese caller-ids and so on)

No no, I only complain on stuff that happen - they are a bit messy, but always sorry for their mistakes and helpful.

  • example 1: Yallo used to keep charging got iMessage acctivation SMSes (when you switch a SIM card, an iPhone sends an SMS to the UK number that belongs to Apple to register your iMessage with the new number) - they shouldn’t apparently but they kept charging for them. So I call, and tell them that well, it’s not much but I’d prefer that they don’t charge me for these SMSes cause I didn’t send them. And they say “Sorry, we charge for these messages, but we can reimburse your activation fee.” - yes, please
  • example 2: I was switching a plan mid-month, so they were supposed to charge part of the month for the old plan, part for the new plan. They charged 2 full plans for this month. So I called again, and they decided they would reimburse me both of them as a sorry :slight_smile:
  • My bill value at some point will reach >0, so I’m not saying it’s free. It’s 23 CHF/month.

So good news:

  • it’s very cheap for me up to now (probably it’s not only me), maybe other people don’t check the details on the bills they are getting

Bad news:

  • I don’t really trust them with the billing, and have my own calculations done with every bill, at least for now.

Other comments:

  • I don’t use roaming with them apart from 200 MB data (I use a PL sim card for that)
  • It’s true though, that for some international calls, the call looks for the receiving side like I’m calling from some other number (I suppose they route the calls through some VoIP)

Neither would I trust Salt (of all carriers!) with their billing - and that‘s speaking from (not-too-long-ago) experience.

I‘ve had similar experience with „ghost roaming“ charges as nugget‘s account above. Same settings (mobile data roaming turned off), on different phones and different mobile OS.

I don’t really make any calls, maybe for small emergencies 2-3 times a year max. Also I use mobile internet just for messaging or looking up things, no streaming or youtube.

That’s why I got a prepaid Lycamobile card and the 500MB data package for 3.25CHF a month.


Lycamobile and co. are imho bad because the SIM is “foreign” so your phone will always think you are on roaming. That can be a big issue for people living near the borders.

You can stop the “real” roaming in the SIM settings. But yeah everything is a bit fiddly with Lyca, would not recommend it to people that want everything to just work.


Ok so somehow Android recognize the difference. good.

I’m with Salt and I keep having this issue! When I call my parents (calling a Polish number while being in Switzerland), they always tell me: now you’re calling from a Hungarian number. I call one minute later and it’s Ireland, then Romania, then Belgium etc. I called Salt about it and they said it’s not their fault, but the fault of Plus, the Polish mobile carrier on the other end. They say they do everything correct on their side. Which of course can be bullshit.

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I think they explained those things in if you’re curious.


Both my wife and I have been with Salt for 24 months and are now out of contract (just realised we are now paying 59Fr/month each rather than 29…).

My employer offers a 23Fr/month unlimited Swisscom plan so I’ll take that, but my wife needs a similar plan. The important thing is unlimited internet as we use our phones as routers at home. We make few calls/SMSs. A bonus would be a bit of included EU data, but that is not a necessity.

The offers change so frequently (e.g. the Yallo Fat plan mentioned above no longer exists). I can’t find any unlimited everything plans for <30Fr… Has anyone investigated the best unlimited plans recently?

Wait for Salt or wait for yallo. Right now they offer 10gb for 19chf/m. Both have offer that does not expire. You offer unfortunately had an expiration date.

Note: Yallo seems to be very bad with roaming…

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