Mustachian phone plan


If you already have a discount with Yallo without a fixed term, you can still change to a bigger discount :smile:

I have just successfully changed my Yallo Fat subscription with 50% discount forever (58-29=29 chf) to Yallo Fat with 60% discount (58-35=23 chf)

I’m also happy to provide a recommendation code for the first month for free with Yallo :wink:



What have you done to change your existing Yallo Fat to the 60% offer? I have seen that that 60% offer is still available:



I logged in to “My Yallo” and chose an option “Change Plan”, and chose again Yallo Fat, this time with 60% discount.

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Hi Pet,

yes, I did it. It was super easy, and they even confirmed my change date for 09.05.2019 ! I still have a fixed contract at Salt, but fortunately I could manage the change. I was wondering positively, because the change should be further in the future than 120 days.

If you need, I can send you a referral code (first month for you and for me for free :wink: )



I hate it when they say “unlimited - up to x gygabytes per month”. That’s not really unlimited. My girlfriend once had such an offer and her data was useless after they throttled it down.



If you use as your ISP, check out: Use option “Mit Minuten Tarif telefonieren”.
Mobile Smart S Basic gives you 2GB of data per month + a nice add on of 500MB/year free Europe data roaming (that helps for sporadic Whatsapp messages and voip calls abroad).
My wife and I are using it: Total cost for both together is 10 CH / month (see family rabat).

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