Mustachian phone plan


There are some good finds there but I already only pay about 20CHF a months for 2 sim-cards and I do like the flexibility you get with the sunrise subscription so I think I will stay for a while. I could probably go <10CHF a month with the prepay options without the 2. sim-card.

The LTE Modem in my notebook is a luxury I rarely use but when I do it is pretty neat and with sunrise you can get Unlimited internet on a daily base so I mostly use it during skiing holidays and such.

I am a bit too much of an internet power-user to live with a LTE connection as my primary for extended periods XD. Give me the 10Gbit fiber (not supported where I live sadly). For normal user this should however not be a problem as ling as not everybody is doing it. It is going to get much more interesting when 5G catches on, that stuff has some insane capacities.


I kinda sorta relate to that. I just changed my habits. My work has enough bandwidth to connect a small country and they don’t care as long as you do your job and don’t do anything illegal online. So I have taken the habit of downloading what I want from work and transfer it home on my laptop for later consumption.

Nonetheless, one of my colleagues has done the same thing and is usually using around 800 GB of data per month, and Sunrise hasn’t done anything nor contacted him about his high consumption habits. The only provision in their AGB is that you will be put in a lower priority queue once you reach certain thresholds. I think the first threshold is 40 GB or so, and the second around 120 GB. It is bound to evolve as the limits are actually linked to percentage compared to other users.

And also, if you’re a gamer, you might want to avoid 4G due to the very variable latency.


I did 200GB in 2 Days once to test if something would hapen once, nothing happened. To be fair I had the same experience with salt (just slower of course XD). It was pretty neat coming from a Unlimited* plan where you went down to 128kbit after 1GB. Swizerland does have pretty awesome Infrastructure that is relatively cheap to access.

Jep gaming over 4G is cancer, maybe 5G can fix that.

But im my case it is a moot point anyway since my parents insist on paying through the nose for cable (with like the rewind box and stuff) where the internet is a practically free addition (I pay them like 15CHF a month for the difference between the 50/5 and the 250/50 internet add-on)


Yes, the QoQa deal is well known, I forgot to mention it. I got basically the same deal with Salt, but for 39. The difference is: I have 2.4 GB instead of 4 GB abroad, I have a contract for 2 years, I bought the Huawei router for half price.


I don’t know if I am the most mustachian here, I am with Lycamobile, only 500 MB data per month for 3.25 CHF :sweat_smile: would be 9.90 for 2 gb as needed by zuri
moreover if you top up 100CHF they add 50-80CHF to it (depending on current offer)


Can you tell me what router are you using with your SIM card?



After my extensive research I went with Mucho prepaid. It’s 19,90 CHF/month for unlimited everything + 10GB of data in Switzerland. I kept my Polish simcard for travelling within Europe. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s the only carrier that offers competely free new sim-card. (btw in case of post-paid you’ll always pay 49 CHF for a new sim card) Additionally, they seem to be English-speaking and their web portal is really nice.


I’ll be checking some post paid plans with a new phone though, sale season is coming and perhaps I’ll be lucky. My mustachian iPhone 5s is still as fast as a cheetah, but the camera and the screen could be better/bigger :slight_smile:


Just check if the network recognize it as a local provider or not. I think that if they don’t use swisscom/salt/sunrise, you’ll get a not-so-nice “R” near the network symbols. That can be bad if you live near the borders since there isn’t any data plan for europe and you can’t block the foreign network. (You can fix your network though)


Oh wow, I didn’t know!, thanks!

But luckily I can’t see any “R” and they claim to use Swisscom network (it sucks in my village as well;))



  • Salt has a lousy network coverage. Yallo uses the sunrise network, which is far better.
  • No minimum contract duration
  • Lifetime reduction on the price, instead of only two years.

Not necessarily. After all, the business plan is to reel new customers in with crazy discounts and then milk them after 1 or 2 years when they are too lazy to switch to a different carrier. That’s the whole idea. Maybe it will change, now that others like Yallo offer a continuously discounted price…


Hej Mustachians,

I think is time now to check the offers on the market. I’m actually at Salt, and bounded till the end of May 2019 in my contract. There is Black Friday coming, and checked what could be a better alternative for me.

Needs: Unlimited calls (internationally too: EU & US), Unlimited data (at least 1GB roaming per month), Unlimited roaming for calls.

What I have now: Salt Plus Europe (69 CHF per month)
I will change to: Yallo Super Fat (avg price 44 CHF per month, mostly without a fixed contract duration)

Beware always about the lenght of the contract! At the moment offers Yallo the Super Fat for 46 CHF / month, with a fixed 24 month contract… (but I beleive the will change it on BF). So on, probably on Black Friday they will hit the swiss mobile market with an interesting offer, so keep your eyes on Yallo!



Hi Mustachians,

as I thought Yallo starts with a really interesting offer for mobile phone plan. I think this will be valid until 23.11.2018 23:59
35 CHF for always, WITHOUT a fixed contract duration.

There are included: Unlimited calls (internationally too: EU and US, outside of CH too), Unlimited data (1GB data roaming per month)

You can transfer your existing phone number even if your old contract is still running. There is a maximum about 120 days (between your old and the new Yallo contract)

Here you find my referral link for that:



Yallo is a solid deal. They are using the sunrise network, so you’ll have a very stable connection (unlike salt). I once changed from Sunrise to Salt. After a few months I had to change back, because the difference in network coverage was huge and notable.

I think I’ll also switch to yallo, especially since their discount does not revert after one or two years.


So the same plan I have at Salt for 29 is available here for 23, and without 24-month obligation, that’s a really cool offer. If 1 GB ist worth the extra 12 CHF is debatable, you would need to visit Europe quite often.

But do you know if they also have any offer for second sim card for home internet? The standard price is 19 CHF for 21/8 Mbps, so not very fast. At Salt I have this for 10 CHF and I usually reach speeds of 20-30 Mbps.


I don’t tink so, this offer from Salt basic for 23 CHF is comparable to the Super Fat from Yallo. Totally different conditions.

Comparable subscription from Salt would be the “Europe” for 53 CHF (WITH minimum contract term: 12/24 months), but with 4 GB data roaming.

So I still beleive the best offer on the market is at the moment Yallo Fat / Super Fat.


It’s not onl the 800mb more, you also have minutes. That are quite useful if you are near the border to germany or if you are in germany and get a phone call.


One more time…

  • I have Salt Pluss Swiss for 29 CHF per month
  • Yallo Fat is available for 23 CHF per month

Both are basically the same. But I also have 2nd SIM card from Salt for 10 CHF.

The extra 800 MB from Yallo Super Fat are nice, but you pay for that 144 CHF extra per year, so you better travel to Europe a lot to justify it.

Btw, is this “Unlimited” internet by Yallo realy unlimited or does it slow down after a few GB? My internet at Salt never slows down, even though I use like 200 GB every month.


Sorry. I’m just comparing the offers they are NOW available on the market. Plus Swiss is now only available for 29 CHF in the Black Friday offer when you are younger than 30 years. Otherwise costs 35 CHF -> Days are gone, we are were young! :smiley:

I don’t want to discuss about those mobile subscriptions, everyone can choose whichever you want.

I think for the really unlimited needs are you surely on the best way with Yallo Super Fat. That’s it :slight_smile: Yallo hasn’t any speed or any other limitation on the data in the FAT subscriptions. 300 Mbit/s down, 150 Mbit/s up:


yallo still has the 23.- chf for all-flat offer going on. Supposedly it ends tonight.

If anyone wants to signup today with my girlfriend’s recommendation code, you both would get a month for free. Just send me a message and I’ll shoot the code right back.