Mustachian phone plan

Salt offers only 5gb, and no roaming data included.

Yes, Salt’s unlimited CH plan seems to jump between a limited time promo of 29CHF/mo and limited time promo of 39CHF/mo. I guess we will just wait a couple weeks for it or yallo’s price to drop.

I have a Wingo contract.

Wingo looks quite expensive (55Fr/month) if you are using lots of data. I easily use 20GB/month as I have no wired connection at home.

You get the Swisscom network (Salt is quite bad in that regard) and also data roaming.

Go on this page and participate to the contest 25.-/month for one year unlimited.

Swisscom network, no limit on speed.
Between Salt and Wingo, it’s day and night on the coverage and speed

every year around christmas salt offers the swiss unlimited calls, data and SMS package for CHF 19.95/ month. I have it, and they offered me to follow up after those two years with 25/month.

roaming is as bad as usually.

Not only christmas, but Halloween too. 2 years ago around Halloween I bought the Swiss unlimited package for 19.95. so maybe you can wait till end of October. The coverage and speed is good, at least for me (small city in canton Bern)

Today another good Yallo offer, check it out!!
SuperFat XL for 59 CHF
With unlimited roaming

Yallo flat phone & Data + 100 mins/ 1GB in Europe
CHF 27/ month, what us think? single-day promotion

If you need Europe, then maybe. Otherwise not.
“maybe” because the calls seems to be shittier than with other providers, at least that’s what people says here.
I suppose you might use mostly the data though.

keeping in mind that calls from Switzerland to Europe are not included.

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