Mustachian phone plan [2023]

I see that we don’t have a 2023 edition of this thread. Time to open it, then.

Digitec Connect is now called Galaxus Mobile and the conditions have changed, I believe, for the better. In a nutshell: 5G is now included as standard, data is unlimited as standard, and the “friends & family” option that previously added more data to the subscription now reduces the monthly price.

It sounds however like they wont be doing Black Friday-type of rebates anymore…

In addition, theres a basic plan with 3GB mac, 5g as well, however no included roaming data, CHF 14 monthly.

The previous version had only 80+ messages.

But as you wish.

Since their „Basic“ plan has only 3GB of monthly data - the same as their previous plan - I wouldn’t call that „as standard“.

If I remember correctly, their previous plan was 25 CHF for 3 GB of data, including 1GB of roaming data - but I could get it for 100 CHF/year on Black Friday.

Still very happy with Wingo for 25 CHF per month.

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Galaxus Mobile (“CH Unlimited”) seems better than Wingo in most cases, especially for those who are not currently Wingo clients (activation fees):

Galaxus vs Wingo

  • no activation fees vs 49 CHF
  • 19 CHF vs 25CHF / month
  • 1 GB in EU/USA vs 2GB in EU
  • cancellation within 30 days vs 60 days
  • 10GB in the EU for 39CHF valid for 12 months vs 5CHF/1GB (valid one month?)

Wingo seems only better if you need more than 1GB in the EU and somewhat less than 2GB. If you need a lot, you’re better off getting the big data pack with Galaxus.


Is there another case where Wingo is better?


For me the most important thing is the network, Wingo is Swisscom, far superior than Sunrise(Galaxus).


Well the network coverage of Swisscom is vastly superior to Sunrise and Salt, especially outside of the main cities. Here in AG/SO I wouldn‘t even take Sunrise/Salt if it would be for free.


Does anyone know if Wingo regularly makes offers like this? The offer is valid until 8 May but I would like to change in July

Are you sure about this? According to, only the 1GB package is valid for 12 months and the 10GB is valid for only 1 month.

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The 10GB data roaming package is only valid for 1m unfortunately - otherwise it would have been a great deal.

I like the changes in general for my usage. One main advantage is the friends&family discount which helps getting the price down to CHF 15 (10 for the basic offer). My “family” still has some slots - feel free to send me a PN if you would like to join.

Data shared in friends & family according their FAQ:

What information is shared within a Family?
Similarly to a WhatsApp group, the only thing that’s shared in a Family are the first names and phone numbers of the Family members. As well as the data consumed by each member.
Personal call logs are neither visible to other Family members nor to the account holder.

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Personally, I don’t think it’s “far superior”.

I haven’t seen systematic connection tests that indicate far superior performance either.
More like a head-to-head situation, IMO.

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Speed (up/download) wise maybe not but logically thinking if Swisscom has the most antennas and the most mobile network frequencies (in the best frequency band) they should on paper already offer the best service.

I wouldn’t call it far superior either but IMHO noone beats Swisscom on reception.

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I saw those tests too. Just not what I experienced in the real world.

If my real-world experience was an indication, Salt may have the best 4G/5G coverage for mobile internet in Switzerland (actually, slightly beyond its borders, too). I certainly wouldn’t generalise that though. :smiley:

Good catch!

Regarding the coverage, I only found this: Network coverage map of Swiss telecom providers | alao

Which seems to indicate that indeed:

Swisscom > Sunrise >>>> Salt

In practice I haven’t had problems with Sunrise though, so I’d be fine with either Sunrise or Swisscom. Not sure about Salt.

I’ve never heard coverage problems from friends so I’d venture that most of them are good enough anyway?

With Salt since 2014, never had an issue.

I think, one can debate the whole day whose network is “superior”. But in the end, you have to choose whatever you need and what you likes best.

Since we are living in a small country and not in GER or USA, we have one of the best coverages worldwide. Compare the services from Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt with the providers abroad.


Agreed. All three networks are well-established. If you use your mobile phone as your main Internet connection, like I do, then it is worth testing out which network better covers your home. Other than that, I wouldn’t personally consider the network a major criteria for choosing a plan in Switzerland.

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News prices and name:


Wingo lets you add 5G for 5.-/month now. Just activated it.