Mustachian phone plan [2022]

Just stumbled about M-Budget Mobile’s “My Country” option:

“Anrufe für nur 0.03/Min. in das Schweizer Festnetz und in die Festnetze von Liechtenstein, Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Österreich, Spanien und Portugal”

“Des appels à 0.03/min. à destination des réseaux fixes de Suisse, du Liechtenstein, de l’Allemagne, de la France, de l’Italie, de l’Autriche, de l’Espagne et du Portugal.”

My Country | M-Budget Mobile

You can choose to order that as renewable or not. And the price of the option …seems to be free?!
What gives? Why would you not opt in? Am I missing something?

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i just saw

being offered for CHF 27/month

  • unlimited data, calls & sms in switzerland
  • unlimited data in EU (capped to 512kbit after 20GB)

appearently, when purchased via

you even save the CHF 60 activation fee

I tend to do my foreign calls with skype for ~0.02 ct/min, which works great with unlimited data

[edit:] i just bought one. they provide a referral link that would benefit me: Aktuelle Aktionen » Handy Abovergleich

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Black Friday is coming… so a lot of companies try to get new clients before.
Last year’s Black Friday, Yallo offered an identical plan “Yallo Black” for 24 chf. They tend to be very aggressive to take advantage of the “black friday”'s momentum.

TalkTalk’s Swiss Flat Deal is available at 11 CHF/month for unlimited calls, messages & internet (60GB or so fair-use policy) in Switzerland on Sunrise’s network.

Go-Mo is reported to have 5G as well, though they don’t advertise it (9.95 CHF/month, unlimited in CH)

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A new offer from Lidl (Salt): Order Special Offer | Wann klingelt’s bei dir?

25 CHF for everything + 3GB and 3 hours in the EU. No minimum contract time.

I’m thinking of maybe switching from the similar Wingo contract…

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Give it a little wait and get yallo - has better offers for less chf (e.g. unlimited roaming)


Go-Mo throttles data at 100 GB per month, so it may not be suitable as a hotspot for those who use mobile Internet at home as well. But if you don’t do a lot of data-intensive stuff, or have a seperate home Internet connection, it’s a good deal.

When Yallo Black is sold at it’s promotional price (23 francs), it’s a good option if you need data roaming in Europe. Yallo Black Plus (30 francs on promotion) for both data and call roaming in Europe.

If you’re trying to wean yourself off a phone addiction, Swisscom’s 5-franc-per-month prepaid option for (very) slow but unlimited local data (128kbs) lets you do all the basics (online banking, messaging, SBB app, Whatsapp calls, E-mail, etc.), but browsing and streaming are so painfully slow that you very soon get turned off to those habits.

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Does anyone got any experience with Yallo?
Their Black Friday deal is not bad and I’m thinking between them and Sunrise itself.

They advertise that they work on Sunrise network but I would like to know some opinions about it

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Happy customer here for the past 2-3 years

I was also a happy yallo customer for 2-3 years, before I made a switch due to a attractive digitec connect Black Friday offer.

I was happy with them during 3-4y then switched to Wingo. Swisscom network is definitely better.

I would prefere take the 19 chf wingo offer and buy roaming pack if needed. I rarely use internet during vacation.

It seems, at least from what I‘ve noticed, that many operators have increased calling rates to Europe, especially on subscriptions.

Have seen Salt charging 1.49/minute to Europe. Which almost amounts to robbery, at up to 50 times as much (!) as on their own PrePay offer (e.g. on calls to French and German fixed lines at 0.03 CHF/min).

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The best way to avoid this is to use whatsapp calls, for example.

I already do use apps for internet/video calls with friends and family - though I sometimes have to call them on their phone first to arrange a call.

It’s more of a hassle when calling businesses that don’t have it. I could use Skype, verifying my mobile for caller ID (and in fact did, years go), but then, Skype‘s not really less expensive for short calls, it can in fact be more expensive than my M-Budget Prepay.

Regarding Digitec Connect: Apparently there won’t be a 100.- Black Friday voucher this year,

This changes things, as Digitec Connect is not competitive at 25.-/month.


“Apparently”? Did they announce or let on anything about it?

If you go through the comments on the website linked below there’s a Digitec employee saying there won’t be a 100.- Black Friday voucher. I don’t know how reliable or official that is, so I said it’s apparently so.


“Senior Portfolio Development Manager” commenting or not, seems pretty reliable info IMO, thanks.


Tried switching to GoMo yesterday… It was an absolute failure.

The identification process seemed to work, but then nothing happened at the end. I thought it just takes some time, so I waited until the next day.

Today I contacted the support about it, and they said “It didn’t work” and they can only resend a new link to retry. But the the email with the link never arrived.

That was enough trouble for me and I asked them to cancel everything… Ironically that cancellation email arrived instantly. :laughing:


Been with yallo Mobile for years, all good. As their monthly roaming options are very expensive I switched to yallo Black today, including the upgrade to 5G.