Mustachian phone plan

No SMS while roaming. Pass.
Joking :slight_smile: …it looks like one of their usual offers though…

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Great offer but I’m not sure if I should give up my 19.95 Wingo swiss only subscription. I was really frustrated in the past while on hikes or in remote areas and salt/sunrise had no reception at all and friends with Swisscom had 4G+.

How long ago was that? I have Digitec Connect and have had Sunrise coverage in the alps while hiking.

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Summer 2020, I switched to Wingo shortly afterwards.

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Wingo is selling fait flat for 25 per month now with 2gb data per month while roaming.
Go through to avoid activation fees

To be honest if I’m abroad I’m using more than 2GB in a day :sweat_smile:. When going on Vacations for at least seven days I used to get a monthly swype esim subscription for 15.- plus adding the unlimited roaming package for 3.- a day which includes unlimited sms/mms/phone and 10GB a day of data.

Before switching to Wingo from 2018 to 2020 I had the truly unlimited salt europe subscription where I have screenshots of using 120GB in a week in italy with sharing my hotspot with friends and all of us watching netflix/youtube during the evenings, all the while paying 39.95.- a month. Funny times :laughing:.

Swype is Sunrise again, without 5g. 5g is +9chf pm.
Still a valid offer 20chf/m unlimited all in ch.

I was about to say “detox while on holiday” but then I’ve seen that you use it for watching TV, so it makes a bit more sense. Otherwise, as Bill Gates said “2gb ought to be enough for everyone”

Edit 2:
About esim for roaming:

Here you can find a nice list.


Detox TV during holiday :grin:

Hey guys !

I found this website and I thought about the community when I discovered it ! This is the from phone plans and TV plans. You can do your own research and subscribe in 3 to 5 minutes… I did for my phone and my TV and I’m really happy, everything worked.

The good thing is that you don’t need to pay the registration fees and receive in addition a voucher that you can use in many good shops (Zalando, Galaxus, Digitec,, etc etc). Honestly, have a look …

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I have received a voucher as well (CHF 300) and could use it for
No clue, how they can do that…

I just want to share my setup in case it’s worth for somebody:

Lebara Next:

  • unlimited sms and data in CH
  • unlimited calls to Lebara in CH
  • 100minutes calls to other providers in CH

11.95 CHF - Lebara Next
9.95 CHF - Lebara Next (the second and more are cheaper)
9.95 CHF - Lebara Next with a 4G+ router for home internet (sunrise network). Good to work and streaming, not enough for online gaming

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Those are the only filters available for search. Not really a good comparison site.

Now i see…

I find pretty decent for comparison of mobile price plans.

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This is the one i always use, the best I found!

Hi, what do you think about the the Yallo service and coverage?(i live in VD).

New offer for the 1st August!
yallo swiss flat 5G. 21.50.-/month

We have a Yallo sim card in our vacation home in the mountains.

Customer service is ok: I referred a friend and we didn’t get the referral discount at first, so I had to go through their customer support. They’re not super reactive but, especially for the price, it’s ok. And we got the money in the end.

Coverage is good: It’s the Sunrise network. Now, the Sunrise network is oftentimes criticized for having a bad coverage, but I’ve never had any problems anywhere. I’ve had a perfect signal even higher up in the mountains.

If you order Yallo I’d recommend doing it by phone or chat and asking for more discounts.

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I’ve got the Sunrise network also, and was just at the Taney Lake this week-end (in Wallis). Well, my buddies with Swisscom got 5 bars, whilst I got none… That’s in the mountains (1500m), but maybe not high enough? I was very surprised myself, as it’s the first time I saw that.

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It’s a common thing. Sometimes even my Swisscom colleagues have no signal whereas I (Salt) have a strong connection.

Sometime it is the opposite.

Sometimes every provider works.

Nevertheless, the covered area is top notch for all three main providers. Compare that with Germany or France, for instance. Sometimes you are wondering, if you are living in the stone age.

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