Mustachian phone plan [2022]

Heavy traveler here: I want to abandon Digitec, somehow always get extra charges and not even sure for what most of the time since I don’t do calls, ended up being not so convenient (even with the black friday). Now am on the fence between Yallo Black and Salt…

BTW, I always recommend when they write “Europe” to check the actual countries included, my S.O. assumed it was covering the EU but had a surprise in Slovenia and some other that were not included and she did not realize until she was there. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, in case you already pay for a M365 subscription for personal or business reasons, they have quite a bunch of Skype minutes included (albeit to landlines only, I think).

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I saw this offer today from Digitec Connect (only for FH Switzerland members) :

Seems to be a solid offer!

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My wife switched to this offer this week. She has been with Yallo for 2 years now, only annoyance was roaming. That should be solved now, at least for most countries we travel to.

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Isn‘t that inferior to their current student/education offer available to everyone with a Switch EDU ID?

Or maybe it’s the same product ans they just updated the conditions/price since April?

The offer you mention is marginally superior, we’re talking pennies, and is mainly aimed at students.

The question is whether the offer lasts once the student status ends. I’m not sure…
Also the offer I mention seems to me to be suitable for members of FH Switzerland, which means after payment of the annual fee of 100.-.

100/12 + 12.5 = 20.83 CHF/month for the member of FH Switzerland if 5 other family members/friends join this offer.

I think this is a good deal and a good offer at the moment.

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I just found an offer from Sunrise for smartwatches. It has everything unlimited, and even a bit of roaming data and calls. The internet is limited to 2 mbits though, but it should be enough for casual smartphone use.

The only drawback is that you can’t port your existing number.

Otherwise it seems like a too good to be true offer for just 5CHF.

It’s called Sunrise We Connect Watch.

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FYI during black friday, Sunrise had 5G unlimited @ 100Mbs, 500MB roaming for 5 CHF/month.

Whaat? Why did nobody tell me xD

That‘s not the only - they also prohibit the use in non-watch devices in their fine print:

„The We Connect Watch subscription is exclusively intended for use with a smartwatch. The service will be blocked in the event of improper use in other devices.“

Just found this offer MUCHO SWISS: Unlimited calls and Internet in Switzerland for CHF 19.90

Operating on the Swisscom network and the only limitation that I found is that your download/upload is limited to 50/5. On top you get 1GB of roaming in Europe per month.

Edit: Here is a list from Dschungelkompass with all the Black Friday offers (GER):


Wingo is better for this price.

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One question came to me:

For devices with dual SIM / eSIM, is it possible to take a specific subscription for the phone with phone number 1 and a data subscription with number 2?
Has anyone ever tested/done this procedure?

Personally, I use the data on my mobile much more than the phone itself. In this sense a prepaid card for the phone and an unlimited data subscription could be an option.

Yes. It’s possible and that is how I use. My phone has sim + esim , and I can choose in the settings which sim to use for data 1 or 2 or both (never explored this option).


That’s also how I use my phone, prepaid for calls/sms (which i ~never use), and data only 5G sim for 5chf/month.


What specific providers do you recommend?

Same here.

I’m using M-Budget Prepaid (PAYG) with „My Country“ option on Swisscom for minimal call/text usage. It‘s on Swisscom‘s network and Swisscom T&C apply, so not some fly-by-night operator.

With the My Country option, are incoming calls also charged?

What service do you use/recommend for data?
The 5G unlimited option for 5.- per month seems to me to be an unbeatable deal!

Currently on black Friday deal for data only sim on sunrise (it’s advertised for tablet, but works as well on a phone).