Meetup in Bern for coffee/beer and chat about FI (RE) Plans ? :)

Great, see you guys on the 26th!

Just to be sure, the Altes Tramdepot asked whether we would all eat. Are you all planning on having food like last time? Or does having dinner at 6pm rebuke some people? :smile:

26th looks good and yes, I’ll have some proper food and beer.

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great! see you all tomorrow! :+1:

We’re on site! :slightly_smiling_face:

Warm thanks to the lovely folks who attended yesterday’s new edition of the FIRE Meetup in Bern!
Yet again, it was fantastic meeting you all, including several newcomers, and exchange on a variety of topics ranging from personal backgrounds, children’s financial education, automated ETF buys and cross-border real estate investing, frugalism, financial podcast recommendations, taiwanese and southern chinese culture, projections on the GBP and swiss franc, hobbies, FIRE and romantic relationships, entreprenarial spirit and “The Call from the East.” …among many, many other topics :wink:

There once again reigned a great mood and optimistic atmosphere, where we not only learned a lot but also shared good laughs! * (a special mention goes to british pound-denominated leveraged investments in UK Litigation legal cases … and to the 20% Yield by investing in Somali camel milk… :wink: ) *

Night fell early upon Bern’s Old Tramdepot Inn, and with it came the bite of the cold outside …which only made the warm food and homely, cosy, almost familial atmosphere of the Meetup all the more soul-warming.

Seeing how delighted everyone was once again , the majority voted to make this a bimonthly thing! (once every two months instead of every three) , and we agreed to meet up again in mid January

Many thanks to you all for coming yesterday (especially to those who rode/drove from far outside of Bern), it was a lot of fun :slight_smile: See you guys in January !

Stay on FIRE…but stay cool!




Such a heartwarming “report”, @NicoFireDoc . :ok_hand: (Not from around Bern unfortunately)

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