Meetup in Bern for coffee/beer and chat about FI (RE) Plans ? :)

Hello everyone!
I’m Nick, a young doc from France but based in Switzerland :slight_smile: I’ve recently moved from Valais to the Canton of Bern (well since November actually) and I’d love to meet up with some like-minded folks!

Coffee, tea, beer, indoors, outdoors…you name it! As long as we’re giving Bern some love and not just Zürich and Geneva as always :wink:


I am not moving much from Geneva but let me know if you pass by

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Hi Nick

I would not mind going to Bern for a beer, but for me, it would have to be on a weekend.
Finally something outside of Geneva/Zurich :slight_smile:


A weekend sounds great!

I actually forgot to mention I’m open to meet up on Weekends or on weekdays from around 17:30 :blush:

Finally something outside of Geneva/Zurich :slight_smile:

Yes, hopefully this is the birth of the Bernese branch of the community :smiley:

I’m up for it.

Draw up a Doodle and propose some dates. For me ideally Monday through Wednesday after work or on a Saturday.


Yay! there’s already a quarter of a dozen of us ! :slight_smile: Hope more join in

Then how about a Saturday afternoon?

I was thinking the Bärenpark area could offer a good combination of indoors and outdoors options.

1 - the bank (no pun intended) of the Aare , If the sun doesn’t hit too hard

2 - the stairs-ish things a bit further up where the trees provide shade.

3 - the Tramdepot Inn where there’s both a spacious terrasse and the possibility to sit indoors , should the weather suck


Hi everyone

I’m from Sweden and work as an engineer in Bern.

I would also love to meet up in Bern for a chat and a Beer in the future


okay so that makes four of us at this point. Should we settle for Saturday July 16th or should we wait potentially for more people to read this post and join in and wait for Saturday July 23rd ?

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As far as July is concerned for me, I only have July 30th free :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I would like to join you but July will be quite hard. Why not starting a doodle to see when it is the best time :wink:

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I bring more good news, a bernese girl from another FIRE forum has shown interest and will join our meetup ! I guess that potentially makes 6 of us.

Draw up a Doodle and propose some dates

Why not starting a doodle to see when it is the best time

Okay now I understand that “drawing up a Doodle” didn’t mean doodling up directions on google maps :sweat_smile:

So, what’s a “Doodle” in an organisatory sense? :upside_down_face: How does one set that up?

Http:// but not sure there’s a free option now

You could try out this new tool to organise event

I have tried it for few events.

Http:// but not sure there’s a free option now

Okay, I hope I’m doing this right, here’s the Meetup doodle everyone :slight_smile: : Doodle

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Thanks Nick! I just filled it up and hope others will join soon too :+1:

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Thanks for the organization :slight_smile:

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By the way, for those who might be confused: the proposed time windows you’re asked to choose from do not mean the Meetup is gonna last from 10am to 9:30pm :sweat_smile: , it’s just the time frame within which the Meetup will occur :slight_smile: once we’ve decided on a specific date.

So far , Saturday August 13th seems to be the most popular choice.

Should we set the date before people schedule more things?

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I think so, too, just pick the closest date and set a time.


So can we all agree to meet on Saturday August 13th? How about 6pm?

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