Marriage types and divorce splits

How much does your girlfriend earn - in relation to you?


That is a factor yeah.

Seems very reasonable (FIRE-wise) for her to marry you then, doesn’t it?


Newbie, getting married can be one of the fastest path to FIRE :wink:


To be fair though, he did leverage his relationship to live in his girlfriend’s father’s apartment very cheaply.

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You can be together without mariage?

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Don’t have kids as well, then.

Classic move, not bad Cortana.

Yes, you can be together without marriage but separating would leave you empty handed, unlike MacKenzie, formerly Bezos, Scott. She made it quickly to FI.
Without marriage it would be more Partner Dependent than Financially Independent.

Hopefully the law says nothing about… Wait a minute:

The end of a common-law relationship

The consequences of the end of a common-law relationship are not regulated by law; however, some courts have applied the rules of simple partnership (530 ff. CO) to the division of property, provided that the partners have joined forces to achieve prosperity.

Some courts have, however, applied the rules of the simple partnership (art. 530 CO) for the division of property, provided that the partners have joined forces for the common economic prosperity economic prosperity:

  • Each partner takes back the property he or she has contributed (hence the usefulness of evidence: invoices, inventory);
  • there is an equal sharing of the community’s profits and losses (property acquired during the union, savings, debts).

Apart from these rules, which do not apply to a simple cohabitation without the intention of creating a union, decisions property and the payment of subsidies to the stay-at-home partner depend solely on the arrangements between the cohabitants. In principle, each partner retains ownership of his or her own property: property purchased jointly is shared by two.

As it is often difficult to reach an amicable agreement when life together ends, it is strongly recommended that a written agreement (e.g. the agreement between the two partners) be drawn up. Children are entitled to maintenance, which is paid to the parent who has paid to the parent who has custody.

Sources: 351 ( (in french)

Just be aware that depending on how your relationship is going, a Court can consider it “like” a marriage. But the rules of the divorce will not apply, they will use the rule of “die einfache Gesellschaft” :wink:

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Marry her and get a prenup asap. Cohabiting as soon as kids enter the picture puts you at a huge financial risk today beyond child support (which can’t be waived away by prenup btw so you’re on the hook either way) -Big financial blow for separated fathers in Switzerland

Wrong. It doesn’t entitle you to assets/inheritances the spouse had before the marriage. Only to newly earned money - so if he/she’s a high earner, you get dibs on half the income he/she brings and vice versa. If you marry a rich but non-working person you’re screwed as there’s no new money being earned there; but if you’re working on the other hand, she’d still be fully entitled to half of your hard earned money and then some in spousal support

Prenup/Gütertrennung can overrule that and make your finances totally separate from each other, so that divorce would be relatively painless affair (so long as no kids are involved). Only thing that really can’t be changed is child support - as it’s about protecting rights of the kid, not of the spouses

Fair… but the amounts decided are not that mustachian and a mustachian parent can survive without working with just the kids’ support money, I’ve heard. So don’t count on your “calculation” for the amount to pay.

Yes. Mom’s going to totally own you for 18 to 25 years after childbirth, marriage or not. Marriage+prenup limits some of the damage (half of income lost and spousal support), but child support still remains. Think twice before bring someone into the world.

wtf do you mean

why the “wtf” part? Bit agressive, isn’t it?

I mean that if you calculate the expenses the mustachian way, you will reach a way lower amount that the one you have to pay in case of divorce.

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You were aggressive to me with that Q to start with

Sorry if you get it agressive. I still don’t get which part was agressive, though. It was also a generic “you” not intended directly to you. Also the “calculation” term I used just to avoid to write “the mustachian concept to save money etc etc etc”.

But having our civil status changed to “married” we will be paying a lot more taxes… it does not make any sense to us to loose 5k per year for a paper. I guess even if we are not married, we can make a papper that stablish the rules on how to handle our common money if we split, doesn’t it? Any experience by anyone on what terms?

Marriage penalty is there only if she’s working and earning high enough comparable to you. If she’s to going to care for the kid for a few years instead, you would actually save taxes from married tax regime as well as on childcare.

we can make a papper that stablish the rules on how to handle our common money if we split doesn’t it?

Money is not shared if you’re not married, but you will still likely owe spousal support on separation. I’d seek professional advice, you’re playing with fire here (the other kind of fire - that will make FIRE unavailable to you for 18-25 years)

Maybe this (totally unfair in my view) law of taxing the hell out of married couples will be voted again.
100,000 signatures must be collected by September 9, 2022

Steuern: Nationalrat für Individualbesteuerung - Blick

The couple forms a société simple / einfache Geselschaft. That is what the judge would say. Look at the CO/OR from article 530. Maybe you want to write something so article 533 doesn’t apply by default.

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