Marriage types and divorce splits

Could you share the document so I can have a look? Any more specific detail done by experience?

A friend signed a concubinate contract or something like that. I remember he critiquing mainly a rule which apparently would force a man to pay for a child that his wife got while cheating on. him with someone else. TBH I hope that was not his main reason.

Actually what are the benefits or being married in CH?

In Italy one might have a very hard time visiting their SO if (s)he gets very ill, like in a coma, and his/her family would be able to decide everything.

Other benefits?

Probably close to zero as long the SO is from a EU/EFTA country. I had to because of the 3rd world country status of my wifes home country.


My understanding: Lower taxes if one partner isn’t working. Also simplifies a lot of things in case of death (esp. if you have young kids, since they’d inherit it instead of having anything going to the remaining partner).

May or may not be fixable with an explicit will (but also inheritance taxation is usually more favorable for married partners).

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-In many cantons there is No inheritance tax if married
-less admin if you have kids (for example unmarried father may need additional steps to have parental authority over kid)
-if one person has a better 2 pillar scheme you can choose which one to top up with additional contributions

Otherwise the benefits are psychological and emotional.

If you are both working being married is a bad deal on taxes. It costs us over 1 months’ after tax salary every year which I find painful but my proposal to get divorced on paper, but stay together, never flies

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