Looking for mustachian Jobs in CH


I work with what you could describe as „SAP for banks” and indees it’s good money. I don’t know where does your negativity come from. From my experience, the assignments I get require at least basic business understanding and then implementation, which consists of basic programming. Your expertise is thus not about coding a super efficient algorithm, but about knowing the features and limitations of the system and being able to deliver the solution. I’m not saving the World with my work, but it’s not boring and it very well paid.

That’s why I switched to being a freelancer. The numbers you quote are pretty close. I now got the skills that companies will pay me this much per day and what’s not to like about it? Whenever things get a little mundane I remind myself that 3/4 of my earnings go into my savings and just in a couple of years I will be able to retire if I want.


What’s the going rate in banking if you are working as a contractor? Do you even get above 140 per hour these days?


I have little knowledge of ABAP and all the SAP stack but I have yet to see proper coding practices in that area. No TDD or even just proper testing is a no go to me, as would be elastic-free bungee jumping.

As for freelancing that is indeed a good option, I’m tempted to look into that, but my past years within a great team made me learn so much that I fear being alone would have me ended up parked in the comfort zone or doing average work. My brain is still (rather) functioning, so no way Jose.


So after a while of making up my mind, my (intermediate) result would be to look into the direction of data scientist. I think I am really fascinated by the field, and very briefly scratched it already before. any data scientists here that i could talk to about their field?


I work as a junior data scientist. The first thing that I would say is that while there are a lot of jobs for data science, a lot of the companies look for seniors. So from that aspect, it’s a bit difficult to get the first job. Another thing I have noticed is that there are a lot more data science jobs in the Zurich area compared to the Geneve - Lausanne area, so it’s definitely a plus to look for a data science job around Lausanne.

As for my current job I am a bit underpaid since I had 0 experience (only internships) when I got it, so I might look for something else soon :slight_smile:

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don’t. at least as a job title it’s mostly fad. in big companies it’s usually just rebranded analysts/statisticians, in smaller shops it’s often vague and misunderstood and could mean anything from an excel monkey to building self driving cars, make sure you understand what you’re getting into


This can be true, but it depends on the team you are going to work in. I work for a pretty big Swiss company as part of our internal chatbot team. So my work involves a lot of NLP. If there is a defined team purpose than you can be more sure about your day to day obligations.

I have also seen that some companies create generic data science teams that have to help with internal processes i.e. save money. If it’s this kind of team you might get both interesting and boring/dumb/unrealistic projects.


That’s exactly what i meant by small shop. I’d suggest rebrandnig yourself an “ML engineer” or something to avoid negative associations with the kind of work data science teams at FB/GOOG/… do

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