Lambda School program

Strong strong strong recommendation for Lambda School if you want to learn how to program: (They also offer classes for data science, ios, etc)

Follow their CEO for success stories:

1st post = ad for a school.
Also one of those new schools that you pay with part of your wage.

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I like the concept. However, I have a big doubt that you can find a job in Europe with this type of school.
Most companies want a recognized bachelor in IT, however, in US it’s working great.
Moreover, universities are free in Europe

Good question. I work for a US tech company and we hire Lambda grads (that is how I heard about it). Not sure about more traditional companies - especially CH companies might be slow with such things.

My main point is that tech is a great way to reach FIRE early – and that there a few good ways to break into such a career without a 4 year degree.

Well I just admire the company. Again, follow their CEO. Really hard not to root for them.

An ISA agreement is brilliant. That way you ensure that the school has some skin in the game.

Is this US tech based in Europe? Are you working for one of their office in CH? Because working in US as a non US citizen is really complex.

It’s too hidden IMHO.
It’s like Health insurances in Switzerland. People don’t understand how expensive they are.

Yes. US-tech co in Europe.

He did direcly this study after high shool ? at which age?

I think most lambda grads have done something before – so they use it for a career change.

You should ping a few folks on Twitter if you are interested. To be clear, I didn’t go through the program myself.

As a hiring manager I would certainly not hire anyone from Lambda School. That course looks like a joke

@oozoo Interesting. Do you work for Google/Amazon or some other large software co?

(They certainly hire from Lambda:

Lets see … an unverifiable claim by the CEO of that company? That proofs it for sure

Besides we do not know what qualifications led to the decision to hire them

It’s totally believable to me. FAANGs don’t care about your credentials, whiteboard interview is all that matters. Credentials are more important in finance and research though


Yes but they do care about Algos and CS theory which you won’t learn in a Slack based virtual school. At least not if you aren’t talented in the first place but then … why are you signing up for lambda school anyways

I can confirm that this is the case. Just nail the whiteboard interview to get the job offer.

Turns out Lambda made those exercises even part of their program to prepare people (and they even have people sourcing jobs for current students, getting the job offer is the actual graduation, etc etc). All in all, easy to dismiss as just another code school if you just take a superficial look.

Only downside is that I can’t invest personally in the company itself. I guess you would have to invest in the VC funds of the backers [1] to get some shares

[1] Peter Thiel, Geoff Lewis of Bedrock Capital, in addition to Google Ventures, GGV Capital, Vy Capital, Y Combinator and actor Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

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You can learn whiteboard interviews anywhere there are also plenty of YouTube videos. No need to spend 25000 on a „school“

Well happy to come back to this discussion in a few years. For my part, I am happy to predict that this will be one of the most successful tech startups of the next decade. Former class mates of mine (US top 3 eng school) are even more bullish than I am. I think the main reason is that US folks are heavily in debt once they graduate from college. That is arguably less problematic in Europe but means that Lambda will get to thousands of good/poor students in NA and will further refine the curriculum/ hiring network/ branding/ etc based on that strong demand.

[specific prediction: >15bn valuation by 2025]

Yes this is basically a scam to trick poor people or people who think of themselves being underprivileged (totally not a result of their poor life choices)
If you read Quora the plot thickens

Just a reminder that Apple now has a hiring freeze and that might happen elsewhere once the market cools off

@oozoo Not sure which threads you mean. Twitter is 99% positive. Tweets like this:

Also interesting that folks start to appreciate the brilliant economics:

Anyway, it sounds like you are taking the other side of this bet/ prediction.

What about a box of champagne pick-up/delivery to Zurich and the winner to be determined in 2025 on Dec 31? I hope we will both have reached FIRE by that time … so it shouldn’t pain anyone :wink:

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