Internet Hotspot 4G+ 29.-/month

Hi !

Here is my first life hack I can provide you ! Home internet for 29.- per month.
If you are living in an area well covered by Sunrise 4G network, you could take this offer from Yallo (Sunrise owned brand).

This is a real hack life as this link is not shown publicly on their website !

  • Router box for free (plug & play)
  • Lifetimediscount
  • No contract duration
  • Unlimited high speed Internet (flat data)
  • 7-day refund policy
  • 4G+ download speed of up to 250 Mbit/s is possible.
  • Pay your bills with Cumulus mastercard and then earn cumulus point !
  • You can easily combine with a Zattoo free account to have TV for free (30 hours per month).
  • Contact me in PM for a referral code in order to get a month for free (and so do I)

People who have Salt can get a 2nd sim card for 10 CHF per month. But you sign up for 24 months.

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24 months and you have to buy the routeur

Just checked on my profile and the current offer for Unlimited Surf ist 19.95 per month + Huawei E5885 for 118.80.

There is a way to get the Unlimited Surf for 19.95 without the Router (you can use an old phone as a tethering device or buy an old router over Ricardo or Tutti)

You need to get the offer and click throu it till you are on the page after the selection of the router. Now you can click on the X by your router and he will dissapear and a “sim only” tile with only 40 CHF will appear.

A cheaper alternative is to get an unlimited phone plan from Salt or Yallo and use your tethering-funktion from your Phone when you are at home. I’m doing this 2 years now and it works fine.
But it works only if you are single, with a family is the offer from Ardius the better deal.

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When I moved to my new flat I got yallo with their router box and the performance was horrible. I didn´t expect too much, but it was unusable. I might be enough for somebody who lives in an area with perfect coverage and justs wants to check emails, but I don´t recommend it to anybody as it´s very unstable.

I still use yallo with my mobile phone, but changed to a regular Sunrise subscription for internet at home when it was a yallo secret deal (35 CHF for up to 1 Gbit/s).

A standard internet connexion isn’t a lot more expensive and will be a lot more stable (speed, ping)

I agree, more stable but not mobile. Might be useful for someone wanting a internet connection during the weekend somewhere else…

Wingo is very good now.

I definitely don’t agree with the mobile part. I have Yallo Super Fat since more than one year, and it’s a pain. Quality of voice when calling abroad is not good (cracks, sometimes seconds without hearing the other person), and the mobile coverage is a joke. Even though they are using Sunrise network, but it’s simply not stable. E.g. I’m often working from the train, and having a broken connection several times on a one hour train ride to Zurich (and we’re not talking about tunnels here) is a pain.

I now have Swisscom as well, and I can work pretty much the whole train ride. Maybe those are just my personal experiences, but I even changed the phone in between (helped a little bit with voice quality) and the difference between Swisscom (yes, bloody expensive) and Yallo are huge.

Just my 2 cents

A good alternative would be coop mobile (data never expire !) or wingo but only combined with internet at home.

Your experience strengthens my impressions from reading about them online and what I’ve heard from knowledgeable people: on their Yallo budget product, Sunrise seem to be cutting corners, chiefly by…

  • deprioritising or throttling cards for internet access, reducing data throughput on „crowded“ cells
  • outsourcing customer care and call centers abroad
  • using cheaper but often lower-quality routings for international calls

That’s what has kept me from further optimizing my mobile phone bills / costs by switching to Yallo. Sunrise network itself, at least on first-tier cards, I‘d consider excellent. Often better than Swisscom.

That throws an interesting light on mobile phone plans. It seems not only price matters. What I can say about Salt is that it has an excellent coverage in Switzerland, I rarely have any problems. And 4G speeds are really good. I can play online games and watch live streaming. The problem is when I am calling abroad from Switzerland: the other person sees a random number from a different country each time.

For Yallo, at least the number is the correct one. Let’s say in terms of calls to EU, the Yallo subscription is superior to the Swisscom one (in terms of price). Yallo is 44.- per month, whereas Swisscom is 80.- for the unlimited stuff in CH + EU, BUT for calls from CH to EU you have to add another package for 20.- So I guess in terms of Mustachian standards, your Salt subscription might be the best.

Another offer from yallo
Unlimited surf with 20 mega speed for 9 per month.
Definitely a good offer if you need a small internet plan. Ni contract duration and sim card usable in amy device ! Smartphone, tablet, router, pc, etc

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However, be careful and read the fine print: Sunrise reserves a right to slow you down once you reach a traffic volume of 40gb in a month. Yallo explicitly states that they don’t.

Where do you read that ? Nothing in the contract I received.
I took a sim for a tablet in order to discuss with my grandmother.

I have the same problem. The person that i call also sees always a different number. Really weird…

Sunrise will reserve the right to cut your speed when you reach 40gb. Yallo doesn’t.

If you just want to chat with somebody and are not streaming high-definition content you should be fine.

But it’s something not to forget: “unlimited” applies only to the quantity of data, not the speed,

They charge a 59.- activation fee, don’t they?

Open the live chat, you can negotiate it with the agents.

Also the monthly price.

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