Ardius's journal

Dear Mustachians,

I will use this post in order to show you my personnal situation and my plans in order to increase your saving rate.

DISCLAIMER : As I am a Swiss guy who worked in english during 4-5 years in Geneva, I was (sadly) able to write more or less correctly. Since I am teacher, I do not use english as much as before. I therefore apologize for bad english :slight_smile:

Chapter 1: My personal situation
Writing in process

Chapter 2: Hacks in my life

Provider : Yallo. Pay the bills with your cumulus mastercard to earn cumulus points ! Contact me in PM for a referral code (1 month for free).

OPTION 1 (you need to wait end of November): Offer during blackfriday : 60% lifetime discount, no contract duration. For example I got: CHF 23.-/m unlimited voice, text and data in CH, 60min calls from CH to EU, 200mb data roaming

OPTION 2 : same but with 50% discount. Look every day. Best deals are during weekdays.

OPTION 1: Qoqa (need to wait) : sunrise offer 29.-/m (have a look every day on and be patient)

OPTION 2 (available now): Yallo home internet Contact me in PM for a referral code (1 month for free)

  • Credit Card
    Revolut : contact me if you want a referral for a free Visa card
    Cumulus mastercard : contact me if you want a referral link (1500pts each : CHF 15.-)

  • Health insurance
    Compare with

A website in ordre to compare benefits for each model (family doctor, health center, etc.)

Optimal insurance deductible (franchise in french) is either 300 or 2500 !
Proof of concept :
And website to choose for your situation :

  • Car
    If you need a car, buy one with less than 120gCo2/km. With this, for example in Vaud, we get a 75% discount on the car tax. Personally, I have a Suzuki SX4-Cross which is a pretty good price/quality family 4x4 SUV (a real 4x4) and I pay around CHF 120 of tax per year.

  • Flights and rental cars comparator

  • 3rd Pillar
    VIAC thanks to this website !
    Contact me for a referral code
    Trying to cancel a Life insurance (grrrr):sweat:

  • TV and Music
    Zattoo free account : 30h of TV per month is perfect for me, I never reach them
    Netflix : Open an account with a VPN based in Turkey ! Price is ridiculously lower than Swiss based account. Do not worry, when you use your account in CH, you get the Swiss content.

Price comparator per country :

Tuto :

Then share the account with friends, Premium 4K account cost me CHF 3.-/month !

Spotify or Deezer: Same ! Share a family account registered in Philippines or Russia


Last but not least, downloading films and series for watching at home is NOT illegal in CH if you don’t share files further.

…And more to come !


Is it me or qoqa is slowly become a simple affiliate website ?

Your post also look like an affiliate post :slight_smile:

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if you think so… I will maybe remove all affiliate suggestion… Just to prove this is not the case.

Nah. I put a smiley for a reason. :slight_smile:

The qoqa site on the other hand…that’s imho bad. Or maybe it’s some kind of “1st world superoffers”… It reminds me the “Aktionen” you see on Zurich’s tram for Hugo Peters…
You mention the Sunrise offer on qoqa. That’s one of the few good offer I’ve seen on their site lately.

I agree, Qoqa is not the same as before…

Free insurance comparator for your personnal situation, see here :

Do you want to buy something online and you are a TCS member ?
Check out their cashback program before ordering !