IBKR: Recurring Investments available!

But sadly, I don’t have an account yet, and need to know if there are any good World ETF available as recurring investments before opening one.

There is a spreadsheet on IBKR’s site, but I don’t know how up to date is it is, and anyways, it doesn’t seem to list any European exchanges: http://www.ibkr.com/download/fracshare_stk.csv

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VWRL in Amsterdam is available in fractions.


VWCE also available there as fractions (or @any other European Exchange)?

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Great, thanks!
I was also about to ask if an accumulating ETF was available, so I’d love the answer as well.


Unfortunately not:

Apparently not @ SIX…
And for me somehow not even @ AEB


Thank you @Luk_nuts

IIRC correctly, there’s autoreinvest dividends with IBKR? In that case havin an acc. ETF wouldn’t be such a hard requirement.


How do you create market orders in the future?
And: Is it possible to also convert CHF to USD in the future?

To automate with full shares of VT?

Like, monthly deposit from bank to IB, then autoconvert CHF to USD, then purchase X numbers of VT?

I checked all usual suspects (VWRL, VWCE, IWDA, V3AA) but VWRL at AEB was the only one I found until now.


Please read the earlier posts in this topic.

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There is indeed. More about that here or there.

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Did IBKR recently enable fractional shares for a lot more stocks/ETFs?
I received this email a few days ago:


For stocks maybe, for European ETFs doesn’t look like that.

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I was able to set up a recurring investment in VWCE in EUR (IBIS2) yesterday, so it seems like they added more ETFs. :slight_smile:

With fractional shares, or not?

They enabled fractional shares for VWCE that’s why the recurring investment is now working.


Pretty cool, I hope they do it for some others on SIX too (GLAC).
But I’m already happy it works with VT.

Only thing that’s missing, is that the recurring investment can be set in CHF. :wink:

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Can you set up a recurring CHF->USD (or CHF->EUF) order to work around it?

From what I understand, the recurring currency conversions are not supported for some reason.

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