IBKR: Recurring Investments available!

Looks like Recurring Investments is only enabled for “Stocks”, so no “Forex”, which is kind of a bummer.

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Right. If you have a limit order, you can just start it and let it run until it is filled or manually cancelled.

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Well, at least a recurring order that executes automatically converts the currency when needed.
I had it buy VT, and it converted CHF to USD to do it.


And the fee was $2 for the transaction?

Interesting enough, it says:
Commission: 0.0

Great! Thanks for sharing. Makes it so much easier if they autoconvert CHF to buy USD products. IBKR just gets better and better :+1:.

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I have a cash account so its a forced conversion, but they did not skip the order. I found some costs still on the latest statement, but they were USD 0.29 related to the FX conversion (not sure, where this comes from).
In any case still better than USD 2 :slight_smile:

Was the trade for about USD 1000? If so, the cost might be 3 basis points, matching Pricing | IBKR GlobalTrader

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It converted a remaining amount of USD 411 out of my CHF balance

I was buying a European ETF traded in EUR via recurring investment at IB. I deposited CHF as a source of funds. Results: commission for the trade was 1.25 EUR broker changes, no third party charges. Currency exchange of CHF to EUR was instant and the commission was 0.

I think they just have killed degiro.ch.



This seems to have changed in the latest version of their FAQ:

3. Which securities are eligible for recurring investment?

The recurring investment feature is available for US and European stocks/ETFs. Only stocks/ETFs which are tradable in fractions are eligible.

8. Will I receive whole shares or fractional shares?

When using the Recurring Investment program you will receive fractional shares equivalent to the cash amount specified.

Could someone confirm whether recurring investment are only possible on fractional shares now? :frowning:

One question about this feature, is it possible to do reoccurring investments on whole number of shares. I don’t like fractional shares. For example, I want to buy 1 share of SPY every month, no matter the price. Just 1 share. Would that be possible?

As it says in figure 8 of the post above yours, you will receive fractional shares equivalent to the cash amount specified in the recurring investment.
You (for now) can’t specify the number of shares.

BTW: Why buy SPY at 0.0945% TER, if you can have VOO or even better VTI at 0.03%?

Yes and in principle it can’t work otherwise.

Not with recurring investments. You can create market orders that become active in the future.

Well, the FAQ used to say this a few months ago:

8. Will I receive whole shares or fractional shares?

You will receive fractional shares for the stocks where we offer fractions. If the stock is not offered in fractions, you will receive full shares up to the cash amount.

Not sure why they changed it. :frowning:

can I create market orders in the future that recurs every month?

I do choose VOO. just using spy as an example

I don’t think so, but you can create 12 individual orders that get activated at some point in the future.

Does anyone know if any European (EUR/CHF/GBP) World ETFs are available as fractional shares?

You can check yourself if your fund is traded in fractions on some exchanges. Just enter a fractional amount in the buy form and see what happens. But check different exchanges! The one I was buying is traded in fractions on one specific exchange only.

P.S. I did it in the app, but the portal should also work.

A better description:

  • Start creating a recurring investment on IB.
  • Search your fund by ISIN. You should see it traded on many different exchanges.
  • Select traded instruments one after another and see if you can continue with the creation of the recurring investment.
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