IBKR: Recurring Investments available!

Today, my IBKR Webtrader showed a new feature:

Welcome to Recurring Investments

It allows automated investments:

Daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly…

That looks very, very nice!


Very interesting indeed. Finally available here as well.

If one wires CHF to IBKR, the conversion to USD still has to be done before the execution of the recurring investment though?

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That is what I have been asking myself too. Not sure if it would autoconvert, or if you could make a recurring order to sell CHF.

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I am sure it won’t. Make sure you have margin account and transfer CHF and convert it to USD from time to time, and it will be fine.


Yes, that likely the best solution. It would still be a good thing anyway, to suppress any time-the-market urges.


However, I don’t know how exactly that works with a margin account. And I suspect it’s not possible to define a recurring investment of VT in CHF, which is a significant downside, in my opinion.


USD margin rates went up to 5.8%, I wouldn’t wait too long!


Anyone wants to check if it is possible to do recurring investment with VWRL traded at swiss exchange in CHF?


Tried to add an recurring order for it. It finds the ETF but recurring order not possible for the reason that fractional shares are not supported at EBS.
Same for V3AA.

That would be a bummer if it only works with stock tickers where fractional shares are offered.

The way it is setup (you can only specify an amount, not a number of shares) it seems like it.
I’d prefer not to use fractional shares generally so that is another point.
Would be great if you could specify a number of shares, or simply add a ‘recurring’ option to a normal limit order.

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Or just “round down to nearest whole number of shares” for a fixed currency amount

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Anyway I am afraid that commission at SIX and other European exchanges would be too high for small recurring investments.

Yes I would prefer avoiding fractions as well. It seems to be technically able of what you suggest, but perhaps not offer it as an option:

8. Will I receive whole shares or fractional shares?

You will receive fractional shares for the stocks where we offer fractions. If the stock is not offered in fractions, you will receive full shares up to the cash amount.

After a period of recurring investments, is there an option to define a buy/sell order to end up with a whole number of shares? (get rid of fractional shares)

Is there a way in Interactive Brokers to set up a recurring buy (DCA) but with an additional simple condition - to be executed - only if the price is below from a certain value (which will be provided manually from the user).

I know just the recurring buy is available, but if you would like one more - very simple - condition? or maybe any workarounds possible to achieve that, without APIs or coding…?

Limit order with a specific start time and one day validity? All orders probably have to be created manually in Trader Workstation, but as long as you don’t want an order every day, it should be feasible.


You can buy or sell fractional amount of shares normally.

Wouldn’t you have to log in to manually set that price for every recurring transaction?
In that case, couldn’t you directly do the full transaction yourself? :slight_smile:

The idea would be that the price wouldn’t be manually readjusted every month - only on demand when required - and the automatic order would be still keep going…

I think the above mentioned solution to maybe just set a limit order once a month is the best