How to use visa cashback on all bills


Is there a way to pay the orange deposit slip bills via a visa credit card that gives cashback?

As for example salt which proposes on their site to pay by credit card

(I’m not sure about my English)

With Revolut you could do it like this:

  1. Charge your Revolut account with the credit card
  2. Transfer money from Revolut to your E-Banking account
  3. Pay the bill from your E-Banking account

But you need to check for fees when charging your Revolut account with the credit card.

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There is a service that works with most swiss credit cards providers but you have to pay high fees and it must be at least 100 chf bills if I remember correctly. This is shit

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Revolut doesn’t like it.


But you can load Revolut by credit card and withdraw cash and use it to pay your bill. I even did it once. But with a free account the free withdrawal limit is 200 CHF.

The whole thing rests on using a credit card that still gives you Cashback for charging Revolut.

Now that Supercard doesn’t offer Cashback when charging Revolut anymore, are there any others left?

You might be able to use some debit card to pay bills at the counter at the post office, maybe with Yuh?
Haven’t tried it.

Technically this should give you around CHF 0.02 per payment. Not worth the hassle.

I moved to IBAN and it feels better to spend money you own :slight_smile:, the CC bill was always a bad feeling :crazy_face: (talking about fixed monthly spendings)

…but the constant fear of CC bills keeps me disciplined.

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You’re right. Basically for a year I have been buying crypto and ETFs with my credit card. Let’s say it shows. I should set up a standing order to Revolut again.

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Most card issuers don’t like when their point / cash back system is exploited for such purposes and afaik also Revolut has a clause that says credit card top up may not be used to exploit credit card reward programmes. Read the terms of services carefully. Such behaviour may lead to account / card suspension.

In certain bigger Post offices they have machines where you can scan the orange bills. There you can pay by Credit Card. I do that with all my bills (rent, health insurance, …) and alyways get the cashback from my CC.


Now I am interested. How it is called?

Sorry, to my surprise I couldn’t find anything in English from a Post website, but this article here mentions it and in the picture you can see the machine:
Die grösste Aarauer Postfiliale wird mit Automaten aufgemöbelt

Also, what I just found out, you can also pay QR-bills up to 500.- at SBB machines:
Pay your bills quickly and at any time at SBB’s ticketing machines

But the fee is rather high for this

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The AZ article says

“Die Zahlungen können mit der PostFinance Card oder einer Debitkarte anderer Anbieter (Maestro und V PAY) getätigt werden.”

Are you sure, you are paying with Credit card?


This app allows to scan invoices and pay with CC, however the 2.5% service fee usually ruins the cashback point.

Did that once for fun. You lose 1.5 % but it’s not that much for a payday loan…

On a more serious note, assuming a Cashback of 0.25 %, you’d get 2.5 CHF on every 1000 paid. I am not sure this is a good use of your time.

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Found these machines. Didn’t try to pay, but a description says you can use debit cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

There is still a tiny Cashback for paying e.g. with Yuh debit card, if anyone wants to try.

Is there any fee for it?

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I didn’t use them, but I expect no fees.

I mean… if there are no fees, even at a 1% cashback, paying for rent, health insurance and whatnot might be worth it :slight_smile:

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