How to keep track of your Net worth

Hey all

I want to keep track of my wife’s and my net worth… how do you do it? For us it would be:

  • Investments on IB
  • Investments on Selma (might delete this in the future)
  • Investments on Swissquote (might delete this in the future)
  • Several 3a Pillars (Frankly / VIAC)
  • Second Pillar
  • Cash
  • Real Estate (our flat, if that somehow can be considered as net worth?)


I think you mean “my wife’s and my”, else it means something else :wink: and you could get problems with the authorities.
(Please excuse the grammar correction, it is only because the “mistake” makes it kinda funny)

To your question, I use Google Sheets, the shares are updated automatically realtime, but I only do an annual sum of everything.

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I use an Excel-sheet where I record the NAV of my different platforms at the end of each month.
For the tracking of different investments over multiple platforms I use PortfolioPerformance. Not sure about real-estate, but the rest should be easily configurable.

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Google sheets. I think this is by far the most popular choice.
For most stocks/ETFs you can have values updated near-live if you want using =GOOGLEFINANCE(). And you can integrate little spark charts that fill single cells, e.g.: a little unlabelled line chart of past year’s performance of VWRL on the Amsterdam exchange: =sparkline(query(googlefinance("AMS:VWRL", "price", today()-365, today()), "select Col2 label Col2 ''", 1))

Personally, I have a tab for each bank/broker I use + an “other” tab for simple things (pending reimbursements, rental caution, etc.). I use and update manually every month. This forces me to log into each of my accounts and stay on top of things.

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I use Google sheets plus beancount for the expense/income/networth tracking.

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You already have to compute and declare your net worth every year with tax declaration. Do you really need more than one data point a year? I tried gnucash then beancount but honestly it’s a lot of hassle for little extra benefit.


I took inspiration from MrRip and created a Google Sheet that I fill in quarterly.

It includes:

  • Investments
  • 3a Pillars
  • 2nd Pillar
  • Cash
  • Crypto

Assets are splitted between :

  • Alternatives (Real Estate, Gold, Private Equity, Hedge Funds)
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Cash
  • Crypto

I have a basic allocation between currencies. For simplication purpose, I consider the 2nd pillar and 3A as invested 100% in CHF.


I started with Excel from Office365 but switched to Google Sheets a couple of months ago. “Live” data from all my investments, including Viac and ValuePension.


How did you configure your Google Sheets File? Can you send me a Tutorial or something to have a look? Thanks :slight_smile:

Does Google offer a API to include Live Data from Viac or how do you make that work?

I’m using the data from morningstar. You can import it with some formulas.

As a general question, why do you guys update it every month? Is that because you realocate your ressources to keep a similar split between your assets year round or is it only out of curiosity?

For me it is just data addiction :crazy_face:

I guess it is just a way to cope with the loss of control of going to the stock market, as well as a motivational thing.
I was tempted to do it daily for a while…


Same here.
I mean I even track my car’s gas fill-ups etc. :rofl:
And I analyze expenses on a monthly basis, so it’s only logical to me to do the same for the rest of assets.
But it’s mostly because I enjoy it. :slight_smile:

On the other hand I appreciate there might be serenity in yearly / quarterly views only.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one! :grimacing:

Then I calculate to overall mileage to the second decimal place. And tell my girlfriend “hey, you know what, we have a fuel consumption of x.yz L/100km”. And she goes “uhm, ok, nice, well done”.


Investing is boring, tracking it is fun.


As mentioned above:


You can tell her you can even guess how much your consumption will be if you drive more on the motorway :grin:.


Enough offtopic now from me. :slight_smile:

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Just discovered it as well, the import feature is pretty strong, you can import activity statements from IB, pdfs from viac and the transaction csv from finpension.

It only missed the transfer from another 3a account to viac.


Did it find the funds??? Viac is the only one i have trouble with using portfolio-performance.

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