Beancount getting started

Hey all,
i finally switched to beancount. i must admit it was not too easy to get stuff running, especially since i started using linux (ubuntu WSL) just at the same time.

now, anybody here has some scripts already made to import postfinance account statements?

would be really nice :slight_smile: @hedgehog maybe, if you are still around?



I cannot help you with postfinance but I would be interested if anybody has scripts for IBKR or revolut. I have some scripts for UBS and cembra credit card. Basically you can easily tune the csv script to work with any csv list, even different ones at the same time. I just had some troubles with the original file encoding depending on the provider.

Webgui looks awesome ( )

I also found another ledger/beancount tool, but this one has a postfinance and interactive brokers parser:

I found some importer for beancount:





I’m using beancount for a while and I’m really happy!!
I started with imports, etc…and finished doing passing all to CSV, from there to Numbers or Excel and… adding unique identifiers after each field to copy and paste everything to a power text editor, kind of Visual Code where I format in beancount format.

It’s long and I don’t have time to explain the complete method but is something like that: You have:

10.10.2019. “Buy in COOP” 123 CHF

I put. In excel columns like:

10.10.2019 * ###_### “Buy in COOP” —- Expenses:Groceries 123 CHF

Copy and paste to Visual Code and find all the “special” fields to make a global “enter” and spaces…etc… you edit a line but you are editing the thousand of lines that have your file… I don’t know if is clear.

Takes time, I know, but is much more quicker than finding an importer :wink:

You can use this , it provides parsing for:

us.interactivebrokers ( Interactive Brokers )
ch.postfinance ( Postfinance )
ch.supercardplus ( Supercard Plus )

"The importing functionality of beans can of course also be used if you use another plain-text accounting tool. beancount’s syntax is largely compatible with beans. "


Do we have a beancount expert or python coder here?
I’m new to beancount and need an importer for revolut and cashback creditcards.
Some example files:

I pay you a beer or coffee :wink:

I posted a parser for postfinance ( ) , works perfect with beancount :slight_smile:


With the csv you can parse it and use it with beancount.
You can edit the “examples.rules” for the matching:

description =~ “Mintos Marketplace” -> Assets:DE:Mintos:Investments
description =~ “Wohnungsmiete.*” -> Expenses:Home:Rent

And parse your csv file with beans:
./beans import -i ch.postfinance -c example.rules -a Assets:CH:Postfinance:Shared postfinance20191102.csv >> myfile.beans

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ahahah i never scrolled down that page to realize the export-button. thanks for pointing out!

thanks for posting the command too, i’m quit new to unix and it always takes ages to figure out the next command :smiley:

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… anyone looked at and seems to me the author removes some content and moves towards a paid solution. what u think?

I’m not even sure it’s from the same author: is not affiliated with but uses Fava under MIT license

The source code is still available from the bitbucket repo but the doc on seems to be gone, weird.

yes exactly, i find alot of dead links recently

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