Free Shareholder Swag in CH

Oh man, I’ll have to change that in SQ and be patient one more year :astonished:

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This seems fun. Is it still up to date with 1x URHN and 20x CALN? And how do I go about registering them? I will get them through IBKR.

You can’t register stocks with IBKR, you can for e.g. do it with Swissquote.

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Oh ok. Do you know by chance if Neon Invest works for this? I just would prefer not to open another account if possible.

I don’t know. But I think not, as the investable universe at Neon Invest is limited and I’m not sure whether one can transfer positions from outside.

I’d suggest to ask their support.

Their FAQ answers this quite sufficiently. :wink:

No shareholder registration, no incoming transfers, outgoing transfers at a CHF 100 per position.


Thanks for the pointer, so you neither can register shares nor transfer securities from other brokers.

Call me stock picker :sneezing_face:

Why not Sixt in chf?

Could not find it on swissquote

CALN was a bit different this year: you got a CHF100 code for their online Store. More than enough to buy a PJ.
Currently waiting for my watch…


what is the discount rate when being shareholder of SIX2

Afaik upto 15% (like business customers)