Free Shareholder Swag in CH

CALN back below 30 CHF …maybe is a good time to buy for the pijama. :grin: This is not investment advice

I am checking it. The problem is that they keep going down…

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won’t be lower than 0. :slight_smile:

I got my first Calida letter. This time they give you a coupon for their shop. Was it like this even before?

No, last year it was a pijama for summer or winter and male or female.
This year it’s CHF 100 to use in their shop.

You can also buy bank WIR shares and get “income tax free” dividends (Frs 10.75) and buy pyjamas and chocolate with the money saved on taxes

That’s an interesting comment. How many swiss companies give dividend tax free all the time? I thought it wasn’t even legal.

Here an explanation of how tax-exempt dividends work
[EDIT] and here an explanation of the new law.

On their forum they had a list of the companies who paid thoses kinds of dividends but it wasn’t so much updated from what I remember. WIR Bank is paying tax free dividends since more than 10 years and has been a pretty good investment so far.

Would be curious to know if other ones do that systematically.

The companies that have losses on their balance sheet can continue to give a dividend 100% from reserve from capital increase. This article is older than the new law

Well it doesn’t seem that’s the case with WIR bank… or is it?

The 2nd link is behind some kind of registration? Would you mind giving a brief summary?

I updated the link to the direct pdf file

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I see. So it seems that companies were previously returning capital which should rightly not be taxed as income and now there are restriction that companies should return at least 50% as a dividend instead of making pure capital returns.

Personally, I don’t see why the government is interfering the the affairs between companies and their shareholders. Returning capital is perfectly reasonable and limited by the amount of capital they are able to return this way so it isn’t as if there was an infinite tax-free loophole.

Does any Calida-fan tried to order this year more than one product at a time? It seems that they gives 100chf but for only one product.

As I saw it and ordered, it was like a CHF 100 credit voucher at the end before you finalize your order. So it was done for the whole basket and not for 1x pice of the order.

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I get errors.
Paypal doesn’t work and my CC doesn’t work as well.
Yeah. I have to give my CC info for a 0CHF order. I have 3 items on basket.

When this this voucher come? I have a few CALN on SQ and received the voting bulletin but no vouchers…

2-3 days ago probably. Maybe you live far away from their HQ? :slight_smile:
You might have missed the thing. Check the letter.

No, not very far actually around 100km. In their letter I had only the chance to vote and I delegated my votes, signed and returned the letter last week. But I noticed that on that letter it says I only have 1 share registered although I have quite a few more on SQ. Maybe this could be the issue?

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Yep, I ordered two items from the Sale section, no problems, had to pay a small amount extra by CC.
I received them a few days ago actually and am lounging in my new Calida lounge-wear as I type this :wink:

That’s strange. The voucher was one extra A4 page in that envelope with the voting etc documents. You do need 20 shares, so that is probably the problem, if you are only registered for 1.