FIRE, minimalism and moving to France

Hi folks,
Thank you for your feedbacks
I am a Geneva worker, owner of our property in Neuchatel (mostly home office,commuting in train),30 years old, loving life in Switzerland where my daughter was born. I recently get the nationality too

I am also French. At work, I am surrounded by French inhabitants thinking they did the best choice (even if I am French, I must think they harden their life by not living in Switzerland). A

But the common sense say that “everything “ is cheaper in France. My opinion is “well, you still do not know what you lose by not living in Switzerland and you spend a lot in real estate while I invest “)

To follow the FIRE paths you need reduce expenses.
So to the mustachian community, may working in CH living in France, Germany or Italy be a good project ?

I thought yes, I now think “not so obvious “ and “no on the long term” :slight_smile:


How would that impact your daughter and your partner (if you are living together)? The place were we live is not just a financial decision, though that lifestyle, indeed, has a cost.


Hi. I live in canton Geneva on the border with France. Reasons for not moving:

-I value being able to cycle or bus to work and bars, restaurants (less relevant with current job as 95%wfh)

-I live in a small commune and I value my kids going to the local school, and being part of community life.

-taxes are a factor

I have friends who own villas in France but it is a trade off with time spent in car etc

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