Degiro / flatex account unavailable?

Hi everyone,
I have a small issue with my Degiro account. Can’t wire any more funds to it since Degiro is no longer using its stitching account.
On the other hand, they state that the users need now to use a flatex account and that they are moving toward this.
Am I the only one having this issue of not finding how to create and open this flatex account?

Thanks for the kind help. Best. J.

Hello, i did a wire transfer the 26th November to stitching Degiro as always and the money was arrived normally in one day.The CHF flatex account still not available so we should continue using the old one account.

Thanks @Scorpion. I placed the wire transfer on the very same day as yours and it didn’t make thru.
I was not sure if I missed something with this flatex account, glad to read that then.
Will make another try maybe with less money.

But the money was sent by your bank or not?

yes, it was returned.

I don’t think I’ve received the info, do you have some links I can go check?
I made a deposite yesterday and the money was credited today

Here in French. At the end in the FAQ, last point. Made a wire on Friday, money not returned but still not in my stitching account. Will keep you posted on Monday.

I wired a smaller amount this time though.


I am still transferring in money into the DeGiro Stichting Swiss account. It works, though it takes 1-3 working days.

Please note that DeGiro is very strict about which account you’re using to transfer money in.
The account has to be registered with DeGiro and it must be in your name.

If the name under which you are registered in your account and in DeGiro do not match, you can’t transfer money in.

I figured out they are not taking any amount above 3k CHF.
I have been trying amounts above that and every and each time, transfer rejected whereas sums just below the threshold mentionned above, the wire goes thru.
Strange, the least I can say.
Have you guys been wiring amounts above this?

Yes, including 10k recently. I transferred from Raiffeisen don’t know if the bank makes any differences… Did you already try contacting their support?

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