Transfer and withdraw money in DEGIRO: can Neon charge something?

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Please erase my question if it has already been answered. I just did not find it in the forum.
I want to start with a DEGIRO account. I read that the transfer of money from my Swiss bank account to DEGIRO, as well as withdrawing money from DEGIRO to my bank account is free (right?).
What I was wondering is whether I could be charged from my Swiss bank when transferring money to DEGIRO or withdrawing from DEGIRO. I currently have a bank account in Credit Suisse, but would like to change to the Neon bank. However, I did not find information whether Neon could charge me some amount when transferring to DEGIRO or withdrawing from DEGIRO, as it is based in the Netherlands. Anyone has had any experience on transfer of money using Neon.

As DEGIRO offers a Swiss IBAN (at Bank CIC), depost and withdraw of CHF from/to a Swiss bank account is free

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Will be free of charges, but an idea to “test” the transaction could be to transfert just Frs 1.-- and see what happens.

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Should be free of charge yes. I can’t think of any banks which would charge you some fee for transferring CHF money from a CH IBAN bank account to another CH IBAN bank account within Switzerland.

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I wire regularly money from a Neon Account to Degiro and incur no fees by doing so.

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Well, it seems that isn’t that easily possible anymore, see here: Degiro / flatex account unavailable? - #14 by SwissMousse. I’ve also tried Neon, but I have found no option to send CHF to an account in the Netherlands (that is in CHF).

You should read the thread to the end.

It may or may not change, but for now it is free because they just show the Swiss IBAN again in the app and on the site.

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