Degiro / flatex account unavailable?

Time to move for IB :upside_down_face: ?

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Weird. I still have the CH IBAN there.

In my case I am already at IB, I just like to have at least two different brokers not to put all eggs in the same basket as they say…

I have a new, CH IBAN… at Deutsche Bank… not CIC

Me too, but actually the IBAN remains the same as before… is it even possible to keep the same IBAN in a different bank?

Not really (unless, of course, banks get taken over or merge).
IBAN usually do include routing information, often down to branch level, that belong to one bank.
And there’s no portability as in mobile phone numbers.

I have paid some EUR into DeGiro on the NL account. It now sits in my EUR Money Market Fund.
I guess I will have to convert it manually. I can still only withdraw from the CHF account.

There is a discrepancy between the app (in my case on iPhone) and the site.
On the site I have the NL account, in the app I have the Swiss Account (which is still at CIC with the old IBAN, but is called Deutsche Bank).

I think it’s simply a case of “they did not think this through” or “the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing”

Aaaannd… now it says CIC again…

The EUR got autoconverted to CHF the next day.

Did anyone get the message from Degiro that you have to agree on new terms and conditions?

It seems that they had to change them due to a court decision.

Probably the German one, where they declared changes of terms and/or condition unlawful without explicit consent of the consumer.

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