Coronavirus: when do we reach the bottom of the dip?

Habe Patienten mit Zusatzversicherung Vortritt?

Nein, der Versicherungsstatus darf bei dringlichen Behandlungen keine Rolle spielen. Eine Bevorzugung von Zusatzversicherten bei medizinischen Rationierungsentscheidungen wäre ebenfalls verfassungswidrig.



There is not a single death case below 30 in Italy. I think we shouldn’t worry.

Actually insurances are a means of passing to someone else the costs/financial losses incurred from insured risks that crystallize. So I don’t think that upgrading your insurance plan will overcome a similar issue as doctors have to face in Spain… But, to be sure, better give a call to your insurance broker, rather than taking the word of a random guy on the internets :wink:

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Dude, now it’s too late anyway. I said I’m asking for the future. You don’t know how the next epidemic might look like and it would also be something to keep in mind once you’re 50-60.

Anyway, I think there should exist some kind of complimentary insurance, which would give you “bonus points” in the game of who gets the bed first. You pay more => healthcare system gets more financing => they can build more ICUs.

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I am older than 30 years…


This sounds wrong on so many levels. If you could decide who should live: a 22 year old woman with no additional insurance or the rich 70 year old, who should it be?

If you are younger than 60, you still don’t have to worry.

Like that person?

Isn’t median age of hospitalization, people on respirator like 60?
FYI being on respirator means artificial coma, and often has long term impact on lungs…


US one will be steep while they catch up on testing, they just started doing proper testing.

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You can also see insurance as a subscription-based service. The subscription gives you access if something happens and it finances the operations of the service (building, instruments, staff).

Please, use logic instead of emotions. Imagine that the basic insurance covers the existing hospital infrastructure. With the extra premium you enable the construction of additional ICUs. If these people didn’t opt for this option, these beds would not be there in the first place. You only have stuff built and available if someone pays for it in advance. You still think it’s “wrong on so many levels”?

No this is not how it works. Insurance are private companies that will pay the bill. It has nothing to do with hospital funding.

You also got the Spanish facts misinterpreted. The same things happened in Italy. They were choosing between people who were literally on their last breath (high risk of imminent death) and otherwise healthy patients who came in for Covid. It’s a choice about saving the maximum amount of lives, not a choice between who has the best insurance


Yes I do. It’s only about life expectancy. No need to save a guy who will be dead in 10 years anyway if you sacrifice a young person for that.

You should seriously think if what you’re saying is somehow morally better

Found a solution for you :-). Got a basement? Get some hardware

Don’t be so limited in your way of thinking. I’m not saying how it works, but how it could work. You know REGA? A helicopter or a jet will pick you up. Why not do the same for healthcare crises?

I guess you could use REGA to fly you to the US where I’m pretty sure the rich indeed get the priority. Win win?

Spare the jokes… im asking seriously

I’m answering seriously. Extra insurance buys you a nicer room (private) and more doctor time, but not priority access to life saving devices. I like the notion that all live are equal.


So if you (quote) “don’t know” about your 600 CHF suggestion, let me try to know better. :wink:

600 CHF/year = 50 CHF/month is nothing. Like what… approximately 15% of the average monthly premium? That’d be ridiculously cheap for priority access in life-or-death situations. And I doubt it would even have a meaningful impact on building and maintaining additional IC units. As another comparison, you can look at what a 50 CHF premium gives you on other supplementary health insurance.

So let’s make another hypothetical counter-offer: We (approximately) just double your standard premiums for this priority access. That sounds more reasonable and fair - and if enough people subscribed, would have a meaningful effect on the medical infrastructure.

So (if) you could get your priority access to life-saving measures for 3600 CHF/year - will you sign up?

Well, your health insurance pays only 50% of your hospital bill. The other 50% is paid by the taxpayer. Then you realise why the insurance does not make that much difference. Fortunately the medical decisions are not made by the accounting department but by a medical team.

True for basic insurance. Hospitals and insurances make extra deals for private insurance.

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