Coronavirus: when do we reach the bottom of the dip?

Because of the ethic.


I think you are wrong. Travel insurance that covers USA costs only 8 CHF per month. Halbprivat costs 30 CHF/month. Privat costs 50 CHF/month. Haftpflicht costs under 100 CHF per year and it covers events up to 5 million CHF. Something tells me that insurance for such rare events would not cost that much. But it’s all guesswork, that’s why I wrote “I don’t know” and I think you don’t know any better.

Look, I’m not saying they should give you priority in a public hospital.

Imagine a billionaire funds the construction of a private clinic. Do you think it would be unethical if they treat him first if a pandemic comes? Then imagine a group of millionaires builds their clinic. The costs go down, they open it to the public, but the members still retain priority.

There is something you do not understand in your arguments. You have in the society two kind of systems. System to make money and system to fight and provide safety to the society.
The military infrastructure, police, drinking water system and health care system are built to fight and provide safety to the society. If you begin to make individual choice in a fighting system you loose in efficiency. You have to make the best choice for the whole society. It is a model we are not used in our capitalistic system as it looks a bit communist. An efficiency fighting system is however an important condition of an efficient democracy. It is here that the US, where there is not a real health care system, but mostly private service providers, could suffer strongly from this pandemic crisis.

There are private clinics in Switzerland. Ultra-rich not need to worry about insurance prices or mixing with ordinary folk for their treatments. These people make a tiny percentile of the worlds population.

When a black swan event hits, not even the private clinics will have all the infrastracture and manpower to handle a population-wide outbrake. What then? Should a public hospital disconect a bus driver from the respirator because a CEO was bumped from his outrageously priced private hospital due to lack of beds? Or maybe better, they should sort it out between them-rich-selves. Celebrities vs enterpreneurs. Full on deathmatch.

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I give up discussing this with you, because you don’t read my posts and instead you opt for attacking a straw man…

It will happen and in Ticino it most likely already happened.

Shit like that drives me nuts. Yes, risk of death under 50 is low, but it increases if ICUs will be stuffed with people for months. And basic empathy should make you think that people here might have parent or grandparents that they would like to keep. Not speaking of people who are above 50 and would like to survive. Stop being such a cynical asshole disrespecting life and health of the half of population.


What’s this pessimism about ticino? They didn’t reach 100% occupance yet and surely they don’t disconnect people just because a millionaire is there. Especially because they can flight to Zurich if they really want to.

Sure it does. It lies right next to the German democratic republic :D.
I corrected the post…

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I was talking about Bojacks plan to get additional insurance because he was worried. Of course I have older relatives too.

Then sorry for last sentence, bit you should choose your wording better.

Your arguments are too weak to make him understand. Let me try, @Cortana: under the current conditions, if you have an accident that requires intensive care (bike accident, you fall from a chair at home while hanging a lamp, hit your had, car accident, you slip out in the shower and hit your had) your life is at risk because there is no bed. Maybe even the surgeon is missing to fix your simple fracture because he is sick at home. Try to understand the complexity of the current situation. It‘s not about we lose some older people, and AHV will be cheaper for us. It‘s about a complete breakdown of our healthcare system with a looooong domino effect that someone like you can‘t possibly foresee.

I keep hearing about this “breakdown”, but wouldn’t it rather be that the healthcare system operates at capacity, so if anything not-corona related happens, there is no bed for you and you have to wait? Assuming there are no new cases, situation will slowly get back to normal once the people in beds recover or, well, die. Breakdown suggests to me, that something stops working completely.

Btw nice site for Switzerland:

This chart does not look good. We’re already at 8 cases / 10’000 people and growing at much faster rate than Italy. In Ticino they’re approaching 30 cases / 10’000.


From what I understand the healthcare system should more or less work, at least for accidents. As long as you don’t need to go in a ICU, in that case you might have problems. So you can still have your bike incident if you wish, but not too bad please. :slight_smile:


In Lombardy the operation of hospital departments not related to covid is minimised, everything gets postponed, etc. All doctors look after severe covid patients. It’s a health care paralysis,not merely ICUs capacity problem.

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PS. @glina, you’ll like the news, FED will lend 4 trillion dollars to companies:


OK, now I get it. Well… let’s all stay healthy and away from hospitals!

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Look how overworked are Italian doctors and nurses:

I think i would be utterly wrong if the money you put on the table had any decisive power in these matters


After the discussion we had, I would have written it differently. I wonder what people can do during peaceful times to prepare for the bad times. How can we learn from this crisis?

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