Coronavirus: when do we reach the bottom of the dip?

trick number 3: add a dot at the end of the .com <–

down again.

Will be back up at 20h30 :stuck_out_tongue:

Bought a little bit more of VT today @ 57.50 on the news that China didn’t have any new cases yesterday. That put me close to 85% in equities now. But he narrative from @1000000CHF is compelling.

I know there is probably a long recovery ahead of us with some more low points and buying opportunities… I should stop myself buying anymore at this level and save some cache.

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Yeah sounds good! Is there any concrete info about where she should call?


For the first time ever, today (it actually just ended) I am watching a white house press conference live and not only a ‘highlight’ reel of it.
My take on it: what a horrible circus. Trump really says nothing of value, pats his own back and keeps on blaming the previous administration. The reporters are clearly fed up with these answers but this apparently only leads to them asking nonsense and weird questions.
Dr. Fauci with his no-nonsense attitude and fact- based answers truly is a luminous figure and the person the world needs to listen to right now, in my humble opinion.


I’ve heard that you should contact your bank. They’ll provide you with maximum 20% of the revenue.

Don’t quote me on this though, It’s just what I’ve heard, I haven’t done any research myself.

BTW. This is how self-isolation works in US:


If these young people are the future of America god save our investments :stuck_out_tongue:


After watching this video I don’t feel that confident anymore that the US will keep outperforming exUS for another 3 decades lol. Maybe I should increase my EM fund.


Of course, but I look at the TER value of my whole portfolio and not of a single asset.

You know that those people are the basis of the economy, who else lives capitalism, and consumerism? If everyone was as „streetmart“ as us saving money and investing, markets would never recover.

Haha. What else were you expecting? Well-balanced and responsible youth from a country that claims to be the no. 1 in the world? USA has a combination of unique strengths (compared to other large / developed economies): power to print dollars, ability to attract and import highly educated and skilled workforce in high numbers, and the willingness to keep mildest levels of regulation!
Edit: and consumers as @arjuno mentioned. These consumers are consuming hard to make you rich.

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just set an open order for VTI at 117.00 and got filled before I could realize it…
I’m at 1.02 (leverage) now…

These young people are way more eloquent and confident than I would be in front of the camera (don’t want to imagine how that would look like). And I’m sure we have people who think like this in every corner of the World. The only way to get them in line is to exert social pressure.

Sigh… we’ve been discussing this a few times on this forum. I believe you are wrong. Consumption does not drive sustainable economic growth. The real thing that does it is increasing the production of energy, increasing the efficiency of conversion of this energy and the efficiency of consumption of resources. If Chad drank one beer a day 20 years ago and today he drinks 2 beers a day, that’s not what’s pushing our World forward.


They are sure very confident, but is that confidence healthy and backed by skill? I remember reading some studies in 2012-13 showing US school and college students over-estimating their skills and underperforming while it was opposite for Asian (Singapore/ HongKong/ China/ etc) students.

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Or military pressure:

Next big buyer leaving the party… “McDonald’s Corp has suspended share buybacks to help it navigate thorough the coronavirus crisis”


That worked out well :grin:

Anyway doesn’t matter, -2.5% is peanuts compared to the vol we’ve seen these days - easy day on the terrace. :sweat_smile:

Damn it :-).
Still made it out in mild plus today thanks to EMs.

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