Coronavirus: when do we reach the bottom of the dip?

Well, we can eat less of it :slight_smile: we can also fight to strengthen rules for animal wellbeing in the farms

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I don’t think we eat Chinese meat? It’s mostly for internal consumption. So you can’t persuade them with your wallet. And regarding international pressure: we don’t do much regarding their approach to human rights, so I wouldn’t hope that we could influence how they treat animals.


Because we like cheap stuff, and like it even more when somebody else pollutes their air/water/land to give us newest gadgets/toys/essentials which we enjoy with our clean land/air/water. And we like to own stocks of companies that make big profits this way.


You are probably right. But we do eat too much meat anyway, which is btw produced with antibiotics not only in China, but in many other places, like the US or Brazil (I often see meat coming from Brazil at the Migros restaurant). If we cannot directly influence China’s choices, we can also just give the good example.

This is unfortunately true. But with such pessimistic approach, why bother doing anything at all?

Though now we should be educated enough to realise that pollution in China or India will directly affect us all, not in 200 years, but in the next decades, especially greenhouse gases emission.

I have missed about the last 400 comments on this thread, but thought that I might add this (source:reddit). How lucky Americans must feel to have a such a thoughtful, steady hand at the helm during this once-in-a-hundred-year crisis!


100chf fine if you are in a group > 5 people


They have listened to you @glina

bigger packet per capita than the US

4500 chf per capita.

I just started with the standard distribution I found online. But I agree with you VSS is something to overthink again, also it is a super small allocation I could remove. Thanks for questioning me!

I am, therefore I am for very long term also invested in PBW

No wonder, he is the Very Stable Genius!

Damn 0.7% TER :frowning:

Here’s another comment from our dear friend Bob Shiller for you:

"The last time we were near a bear market level, the market rebounded again to new heights. So some people are thinking that the same pattern will just repeat itself again. But I would caution them that the market doesn’t necessarily do that, and that we could be vulnerable to more drops.

It’s a high volatility period. I would advise people not to take any extreme measures. Don’t think it’s the time to sell out completely, but also, don’t conclude it’s a big buying opportunity and push into leveraged positions in the market."
“In past crises, confidence has been bolstered by international action, like central banks coming together and doing cohesive things to stimulate the economy. Right now we are sort of out of ammunition, with interest rates having been so low for so long. We can’t push them down much further.”


@Cortana this has to be great news for your girlfriend!
This will really help alot of entrepreneurs in these hard times.

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I personally split my savings into monthly chunks for 12 months because I believe there’s a huge crash coming in next 3-6 months and the recovery will take another couple of months (in worst case scenerio - 1-2 years).


You should probably know that FED increased its balance sheet by 0.5T$ already and still buying :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if FED buying will be enough to balance off the closed stores, lockdown consumers and the general panic we’re slowly approaching.

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Update: after I deleted the cookies from FT, the trick worked, the paywall is gone.

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