CHF accounts with best interest rates: discussion

That is also my understanding. Where assets can be any combination of settled cash or equities, etc. If NAV is 50k (in USD) then only 50% of the rate is calculated. And, my understanding is that first 10k for CHF earn 0%, regardless of NAV.
Calculations page has all the details, too. Calculations | Interactive Brokers LLC


Anyone know if ibkr is covered by the usual deposit insurance schemes?

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Not esisuisse but sipc. (Though there’s always going to be some question on how much is covered for cash, if it really looks like you didn’t intend to invest it)


I have found this one: Konten zum Sparen | Bank BSU | in Ihrer Region. 1.36% up to 25’000 and .11% up to 100’000. I guess it’s so far the best offer that is regular, i.e. no special offer! Will add it to the list here: Savings accounts (CHF) with best rates: an overview

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Thank you for that. However, I’m not an expert, but what makes it different to a savings account? As far as I can see a withdrawal of up to CHF 50’000 per year is possible at any time and without delay, i.e. there is no withdrawal notice below CHF 50’000. That’s literally the same or better than other savings accounts on this list! So, I would suggestt to list it under savings accounts since the conditions are quite good. Or am I missing something?

PS: You also deleted my ‘last time checked’ remark. I guess this would be quite handy since the conditions change frequently!

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In my opinion, picking the right bank is a bit like stock picking. Rating agencies have let us down in the past (think Lehman Brothers). Just as with stocks, diversification is a much more logical approach. It does require some effort to open, say, 10 savings accounts at different banks, but it’s not that difficult.

I think this could be something for a fintech startup: An app for secure saving in which you enter your information once, and it automatically opens a balanced portfolio of savings accounts (secure banks balanced with highest-yield accounts) for you in the background using that information, but on the front end it all appears as one account for the user.


Yeah, I even have a name for this Fintech: “Swiss Roulette”. With a motto “Which bank will fail next?”.

Seriously, there are now so many apps that allow to buy stocks and ETFs, why not an app to manage fixed income? If it would allow to sign mid term deposit notes from different banks automatically, that would be a killer app!


The aim would, in fact, be the opposite, as your assets are diversified across multiple banks. It would also maximize Swiss depositor protection. Of course, anyone with a bit of initiative could easily do this themselves, but for a neobank looking for a unique value proposition, it’s an idea worth considering.


Agreed. Especially if the app could make the whole thing appear as simple as a bank account on the user’s end.


How much would you be willing to pay for this, per year, in terms of AUM?

0.1, maybe 0.2% p.a., to be deducted from the earned interest. I think banks will also provide some kick back if you bring them customers.

Would be interesting to explore if it is possible to pool some deposits and place money with SNB. :grin:

Add a debit card to let you earn interchange kickbacks with payment network fees for the currency exchange, like Neon, and I am sold on it. Many risk averse persons probably also.


Apparently such products for copanies already exist in the US: Deposit insurance maximization as a service


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Did someone mention IBRK? Above CHF 10k, you get 1.06% p.a.

And interest is payed out monthly :heart_hands:

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I wonder if I could just save my money there for a year and then close their account??


Max withdrawal of 10k per year. Does that mean if i put in 100k then I can only withdraw it (without penalty) over the course of a decade?

UBS Savings Account extra
Get more from your money with an attractive interest rate, which applies until 30 September 2024. After this time, your UBS Savings Account extra will be automatically continued under the standard conditions of the UBS Savings Account.

It’s kind of a cross between a savings account and a fixed term deposit.

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