Savings accounts (CHF) with best rates: an overview

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Last check/update: 21.9.2023

  • Best rates only & important conditions only

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  • Thread to discuss these offers

  • Short guide to fixed income options

Best special offers
= limited time & new money only

WIR 1.8% / until 31.3.24 (1.35% afterwards), 6m notice for >20k p.a.

CLER 1.65% / for 1 year, 6m notice for >50k p.a., to not lose bonus interest (1%): max 20k within that year & no notice within that year

Valiant 1.5% / until 29.2.24, 6m notice for >10k p.a. (and by 29.2. at the earliest)

UBS 1.5% / until 30.9.24, max 10k p.a. otherwise lose 0.5% on the overdrawn amount / also available until 29.9.23: 12m fixed deposit special with 1.75% for 25k or more

Best standard accounts

CEA [fr] 2% / 12m notice for >10k p.a. / also available: ‘jeunesse’ account for up to 35y old with 1.5% but easier withdrawal conditions

LLB 1.55% (up to 50k), 1.25% (above, up to 100k) / no notice needed / via app only

bankbsu [de] 1.36% (up to 25k), 1.11% (above, up to 100k) / 6m notice for >50k p.a.

Cembra 1.25% / 1m notice for >20k per month / fees: 50.- p.a., free with Cembra mid term notes / no e-banking afaik.

+++ more: moneyland


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