Car insurance Tesla Model 3

Hi I am about to insure my first car in switzerland, a tesa model 3 SR +, I should look for insurance in the next 1-2 weeks, but by contacting my “trusted broker” he offered me insane insurance figures of 1800- 1900 chf for the full helmet with parking damage. Both the car dealer and I did some research on the internet and found offers around 1200-1300, as there should be bonuses for an electric car which also has a sentinel mode which therefore makes the car safer. Do you have any advice on how to move? Is comparis a good solution to compare?

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Already discussed here

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My post has been linked here. At the end I had to wait for an insurance case to be able to break my extremely long (6 years) contract done by a broker.

I can only recommend to do it by yourself. I was at Zurich and beside the long contract I got, their service was thinking excellent. You can get an offer directly on their website.

Otherwise comparison, moneyland and all offer comparator tool, so feel free to use them and compare the beat offer for what you need.

I end up changing for Smile Direct, so far I never had to use their service but the online registration is very easy and also offer your to customize everything in detail if you wish (increase or decrease parking coverage, premium, bonus protection, insurance for objets carried in the car or not, usually covered by your home and RC insurance but to be checked).

At the end I pay less than 900frs for full coverage and 1000frs franchise on collision, 0 on RC, while I was paying 1300frs at Zurich. The only service not included at Smile Direct that I had at Zurich is that they pay for a rental car while yours is at the garage (charged 50frs/day at Amag). If you can manage a few days without car when you have a case, it might be OK. If you absolutely need a car for work, Zurich or other with rental car included might be better. And I guess if I ask a new offer at Zurich on comparia today, I will have one around 1000-1100frs for the same, price went down these last 3 years.

Yes, in fact, I also heard of another person close to me who had constraints on that insurance because he had made the contract through a broker. Online, on the other hand, they often offer interesting discounts. Is it possible that through the insurance site there is a higher price than doing it through or despite the fact that it is the same insurance, which have agreements?

Yes, using comparator you could have a better offer. Same as TopPreise for shopping. It worth having a look.

Also I forgot to mention, I used the deal with Neon for Smile Direct and I should get 100frs cashback, still didn’t receive it but it should arrive soon I guess.

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I cannot edit my post, I guess it’s too old now. But I got the cashback from Neon, after 1 month. So it’s really a good deal, it pays off the tax to change the car license (50CHF) + 50CHF bonus. But I guess I cannot do it again in 2 years if I switch to another insure and want to come back to Smile again. I will do it only if I can save significantly on the insurance, not only to get these 50CHF of course, so probably it will not happen or the offer might be gone eventually.