Car insurance advice

I will have to change my car insure, I’ll try to reduce as much as possible, coming from Zurich probably going to Smile Direct. But my car is still less than 2 years old (yes I know a new car, don’t hit me, I made my calculations thus before buying, in a huge Spreadsheet with even some Tesla in it for the fun of comparing) and it’s still under warranty for another 2 years so I will probably not remove the Full Casco (not sure how to translate).

However I have seen that the bonus protection is costly, it’s 100frs per year for both the protection on RC and casco. My question is, if I remove it and I have a case that will increase my insurance bill, how difficult is it to get another insurance to let you in? Alternatively can I insure the car under my wife name to get a new fresh offer with minimum bonus if anything happen? We are both driving 50/50 more or less. And if I do take the insurance under her name, should I change the registration of the vehicle under her name as well or it doesn’t matter?

Side question, a bit more tricky, I’ll use the Neon offer to do the insurance. If in a couple of year we change the insurance to my wife, will she be able to get the offer as well for the same car from her Neon account (assuming the offer is still valid)?

Hopefully nothing will happen like usual and we will save a lot of money, but just to be ready just in case.

They will let you in but at a higher percentage/risk. That “did you have an accident in the last 5 years” question or the “did you have to hand in your license in the last 5 years” kills most good deals.

Did you compare the offers using for car insurances they’re somewhat fair (unlike removing the best health care insurances…)

You probably will need to change the registration too, accidents are afaik recorded by license plate number.

Thanks for the comments. That’s really the problem with insurance and it’s made like that on purpose, every little thing you add cost much less than what you would loose if you occur to have a case not covered by your policy, even spread on 10 or 25 years sometimes. But when you add up all these little sum for extra coverage, you end up with much more in total and then over 10 years it might barely worth it if you have only one of these case not covered.

I mean, if you unselect every little extra that cover only cases up to 2000 to 3000frs, you might save 200 to 400frs per year, so if in 10 years something happen and you have to pay for 3000 or 4000frs, you are more or less break even, if nothing happen, that is in more cases most likely, you will have saved 3000 to 4000frs. At the end it’s more or less like LAMal, either you take 300frs of quote-part, either 2500frs, in between you will more likely not save anything what ever is happening.

The only thing without bonus protection is that in case something happen (scare, the core business of insurer), you might end up spending some time to get a new offer and change some registration. I’m still not sure about it. I’ll ask my wife but I know already her answer…

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