Cannot add VT to DA-1

I’m currently trying to file my tax return in Zurich. I invest into VT on InteractiveBrokers, meaning the US withholds a 15% tax on dividend (15% instead of 30% since I filed a W8-BEN).
I was under the impression that I could get these 15% back by filing a DA-1 in addition to the normal tax return.

However, when using the ZHprivateTax application, I cannot add VT in the DA-1 security list.
I was able to list VT in the security list for net worth, which has the same UI as the one for DA-1.
However, I’m only able to find VT when it comes to adding securities for the net worth, not for DA-1.

I reached out to the ZHprivateTax support and they told me that the application should automatically suggest adding securities from the net worth list to DA-1 if it is possible. Because that’s not happening, they suggested that I probably cannot put VT into the DA-1. However, they also added a disclaimer that they only maintain the ZHprivateTax application but are not familiar with what securities belong into DA-1.

I’m pretty confused by all of this, since:

  • VT is clearly based in the US
  • I had tax withheld
  • I read in several places that I should be able to get those back using the DA-1

I also tried adding VOO/VTI (even though I do not hold them) just to see what happens, and I also wasn’t able to find/add them in the application.

Does anyone have an idea what’s going wrong here or what I’m missing? :slight_smile:

The DA-1 search doesn’t find VT or other US-ETFs that people on this forum have.
I just copied the information from ICTax into the DA-1 manually, as it can be found via the ICTax search. This has worked for me in the past.

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Does that mean you do not use ZHprivateTax for the DA-1? Do you just export the PDF, manually fill stuff in there, and then print and send it via mail?

I use the tool and put all by hand. slowly.

I’m trying to write a python script to help me, but unfortunately the only useful library out there doesn’t recognize fields with the same name. I might have to create a fdf and use it. :confused:


Yes I do use ZHPrivateTax. You can add securities also without the search. You just have to fill in all the information that the search would otherwise pre-fill for you.

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Ohh, I didn’t realize I could just manually enter anything. That’s really good to know!

I always went into the more detailed view (double click on any input field or by clicking that edit button) with the search functionality, and that blocked all input fields if it did not find the security.

I’ll give it another try with manually editing then :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

You need to un-check the button to search for online kursliste. Then you can add things manually.
(doing things manually was part of the motivation to trim my portfolio :slight_smile:)


Nice, I totally missed that. That makes it a bit easier to fill out :slight_smile:

@ma0 Now I also understand what a script would be useful for. You should definitely consider putting it on GitHub if you manage to automate parts!

This topic pops up every year a couple of times. I did some research last year and talked to the guy who is actually handling the DA-1 in ZH.

This post may help.

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Thanks for linking that post! It was very useful to read.

And thanks everyone else for commenting. Thanks to your help I managed to fill out the DA-1 and complete my tax return. We’ll see if it was successful, but based on the other thread I now at least have a good idea of how it should work :slight_smile:

To give a short update to this post: I received mail from the Zurich tax agency today telling me that they’ll transfer me the amount requested in my DA1 directly to my bank account.

So it all worked out fine, and I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how quickly I heard back. Especially considering that it seems to take years to hear back about the standard tax returns. :slight_smile:

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