Black Friday 2023

I went for them as well. No brainer.

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I am never outside the cities, went with Salt for +8 years now. How much worser can Sunrise be? :smiley:

Saving CHF 720 over two years? Yes, I will also take a poor network into account, my calls are mostly via data (Whatsapp, Teams). Checking my calls, it is below 3 min a month.

One can go with the subscription of Quickline and have an additional data e-sim for couple if bucks, if needed. For the three, four days a year I could use a prepaid wirh Swisscom (for free) which offers unlimited data for CHF 2 per day.

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If you prefer 10CHF rather than free for 2y: MUCHO MINI | Günstige Handy-Abos Schweiz is on swisscom

Looks like a ~standard 3 months cancellation? (and compared to other providers looks like you can cancel via form).

I feel kinda bad signing up tbf, when I know I likely will just cancel after 2y…

They’re setting off the conditions, we deal with what we are given: there’s no need to feel bad, it’s just business.

The opportunity risk is that prices might go up in two years and lifetime plans we’ve secured for now may not be available anymore then. I like the ones I have currently and would honestly not save much with 2 years of free plans so am not tempted to change.

yeah ended up taking it, I guess it’s how they decide to spend their marketing budget and it works since I had never heard about them :slight_smile:


That is true but even then it’s still quite a lot of savings. A similar plan from yallo is now around 25.- . (25 * 24) - 40 (activation fee) = 560 CHF. If prices go up 10 CHF in the next two years for a similar plan (which I think is extremely unlikely/agressive) then that only matters after 56 months which is ~4.5 years. Plenty of time to find a good deal.

Plus, even with the 2 year contract, if the network is completely shit and after 6 months one wants to leave there’s always the option to start a new contract with a new number. With the activation fee I will be already saving from the second month and I am currently quite happy with Wingo.

I’d say the cost is more that there’s a catch on the cancellation and one gets stuck paying 70.- for a couple of months but I feel like it’s just a matter of being cautious, procative and responsible.
Will definitely set an alarm/reminder in many different places :sweat_smile:


But with a limited internet speed.

Have you decided?

Offer is limited to 10‘000 clients and it looks like today will be the last day.

I‘m just not sure how good Sunrise is as a mobile network provider.

It’s fine.
(Via yallo)


Both me and my gf have signed up. I figured that it’s pretty much a good deal at worst and a great deal at best so it’s a win-win. But we will have our transition from our current provider (Wingo) only in January so it’s not like I have any feedback now.

Sunrise network is good, I used them between Lausanne and Geneva for 3 years and I’ve never had any issue. It was also the cas when I was in Wallis. However, by using Digitec Connect (now Galaxus mobile), I had a bad internet network on train between Lausanne and Geneva, this is not the case with Wingo Mobile.

I think that if you are directly with Sunrise, Salt or Swisscom, you will not have any issue. This will not be the case with MVNO I guess, although, I don’t have any issue with Wingo.

The Sunrise coverage network map displays the no coverage zones that I am aware of, so may be reliable with the caveat that they’re showing 5G with 4 bars at my parent’s house, where I tend to have a slow connection with Sunrise, using a 4G phone. That’s a very local incidence, though (I get a way better coverage when I move a few meters outside: there’s a huge building right in front of the main rooms where I would like to use it so that may explain some of that).

We pulled the trigger aswell now. Both coming from Wingo. This will be my final test of a non-Swisscom mobile network. Hopefully I don‘t regret it.

If you want to keep your number, you don’t need to do anything - it’s transferred automatically. If you want to cancel, and therefore not transfer your number, you need to contact Wingo.
I’ve already had this experience, from Wingo to Sunrise and now from Wingo to Swisscom.

Unless I am missing something the worst case scenario is not being able to port one’s number out for 24 months

My partner’s employer uses Sunrise for their phones whilst mine uses Swisscom. We rarely notice the difference especially in populated areas. Personally I would not fork out 500 CHF just to have the Swisscom /Wingo option (cheapest Wingo deal 22.95 x 24 months)

I have a prepaid for my phone number for this reason (costs 0) and switch abos for data without having to care about porting.

(dual sim phones are nice)

So incoming calls arrive on “your” number on your free prepaid (phone number 1).

What about outgoing calls - are they made from your abo SIM so the recipient of the call sees that call from phone number 2 ?

Oh I almost never call on phone (sometimes on whatsapp etc.) so I don’t have this issue :smiley:

(if I really need to then I call from prepaid, but it’s like 3 CHF per year I’m spending on sms/calls or something)