All about Revolut [2022]

How do you check it? You just compare selling/buying chf with eur?

Yes. There is an arrow to change the direction of the trade, the comparison is quite easy.

I think there is always a difference between buying chf with eur and vice versa.
Try here:

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iirc revolut during FX trading hours used to be close to the market rate (like a few bp), that was one of the major innovation vs the mastercard rate which is typically at least 0.2% or more.

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Aaand it’s gone.

Got an email from Revolut:

Up until now, we’ve only been charging these fees when the card is used directly to top up. When the same card is used via Apple or Google Pay, we haven’t been charging a fee.

However, we will now start charging a fee when these cards are used. We’ll always disclose the fees we charge before you confirm your top-up, so there are no hidden charges or markups.

Do you know when this be in effect?

No idea, but I just did my most probably last top up with a credit card, no fees.

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Oh yes, where did you see that info?

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I didn’t get all those warning you all get. I suppose my card is so old it’s not a swiss card.
How much is the fee? I might try to load just to see if it’s true.

I was following spreads on EUR/CHF exchange rates for some time. The lowest spread seems to be 12 pips, in either direction. That corresponds to a markup of around 0.06%, which is not bad. Early morning or Sunday night (where FX markets are running but the liquidity is very low, at least in these currencies), the spread goes up to 24 pips. Probably beginning of January was a time with exceptionally low liquidity, which is not surprising.

My advice is to exchange EUR/CHF during the day time in Europe. For USD you might have to wait until the markets in US are open. Control the spread, and let us know if you regularly see a spread lower than 12 pips.

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Gone for good. Google pay or a credit card top up shows a message that additional fee (1.5%) will be added to the amount charged.

PS: Hmm, maybe I should not have updated Revolut yesterday :thinking:

yes, it is done and even the bank details for a “virement bancaire” have disappeared. It says “Prochainement”.

This is a very successful approach to get me to close this account and look for another company.

Are you saying that you can no longer wire money to your Revolut account? At least for me “Regular bank transfer” is still available with a CH IBAN.

Indeed, this option has disappeared for me (for the time being).

That is strange. I can also send CHF to my Revolut account. Are you registered as a Swiss user? I suggest to clarify with the support.