3a solution from Finpension

US stocks with IB.


If you sent the money today it will only be invested on the first banking day of next month, so you have till 31.01.21 to change your strategy.

Thanks for the info!
Just for my understanding, is everyone investing in VT with a broker and with the 3rd pillar as well (‘simulating’ the ETF)?


From what I read in this forum, I would assume a lot of people are doing this and it might be my goal in the future.
Now, I must say I am very new on this (investing on Finpension and with a broker).
Since I don’t have too much to invest yet (I must hold some buffer because the family is growing and my wife will have to stop working for a while because the nature of her job), I am starting with small monthly amounts. However, I am very curious and like to also have my own way of doing it, so I am trying different strategies on different platforms in order to get used and gain some experience too.

Would it be worthwhile to have some sticky post on how to model VT the closest with the different 3a provider options?


I second that, it would really useful and hopefully it would save time and repetitive questions.

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Why are so many people trying to emulate VT with the available funds?
It’s quite hard for me to understand why you would want to replicate a global index and not be ok with just one fund. I’ve selected only CSIF (CH) III Equity US Blue - Pension Fund ZB CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund ZB.
A global index is still not representative of the entire market and with the automatic rebalancing you would have to change % with the evolution of the market.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to use your broker in case you want to be allocated according to FTSE Global All Cap Index so that you don’t have to change % and just follow the market?


my bad, I made an error while copying, I meant CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund ZB. Post above corrected.

what do you think about the 80% or 100% equity without changes. Is it good to start and maybe rebalance it in a second moment?

And Switzerland…

Could you please tell me how did you find the “conversion” all in one page? For now I have to click on each factsheet to understand what is the Aktien corresponding to the product names.


I’m not missing EM, small caps nor Switzerland. They are just in my brokerage account rather than 3a.

Since you want to follow VT, you want to follow a global market weighted index.
In a normal brokerage account without rebalancing, you can buy for example VTI+VEA+VWO. If you buy them at the current market capitalization weights, they will evolve and continue to follow the market cap. If US shrinks from 57% to 40%, no action is needed from you.
In a 3a with automatic rebalancing you would need to adjust the % of allocation periodically to continue to follow it.

If you want to replicate a global market index, if you buy only one found on 3a and the rest with your brokerage account, you can simply set and forget because it will follow the market allocation.

Of course this is relevant only if you want to follow a market weighted index and that’s what you want if you wish to follow VT.
On the other hand that’s not the only way to allocate nor necessarily the best but for sure it’s the easiest to maintain. Unfortunately you lose that advantage if you need to change the % periodically.


Same can be said if you stick with the “default” strategy they offer, and just apply the (US-Dev-(CH)-EM) percentages holistically with the remainder of your portfolio outside.
It’s perhaps 3/4 lines in a sheet vs. 1, but not much more difficult to maintain.

I own VTI+VEA+VWO at IB, and rebalance with those accordingly (vs. VIAC, and finpension from this year).


Hi everybody,

I have opened a FinPension3a account and I plan to move ~35k on it. I’ve seen above different ways to replicate VT (thank you to everybody, especially the answer New 3a solution from Finpension) and I was wondering whether it wouldn’t be simpler to invest:

99% CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund ZB
So that 0.00% TER and have only one fund (simplicity is better)


78% CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund ZB
11% CSIF (CH) Equity Emerging Markets Blue DB TER 0.09%
10% CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Small Cap Blue - Pension Fund DB TER 0.09%
(I have removed the 1% and 2% of Swiss share because of rebalancing).

Of course, there would be other investments on IBKR to also take into account the Swiss shares, VT etc., hence my question.

Thanks guys!

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Your analysis is good. I have personally invested in CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund ZB.
In short, it would depend of your other investments and the % of your net worth in pillar 3. In anycase, both solutions are good


Good analyses, makes lots of sense. Though one can also think about buying more of World ex CH small cap in Finpension, if similar fund outside of 3a has higher TER than 0.09, and one wishes to have more small caps anyways. Just a thought, could be wrong here ( because of dividend witholding taxes from different countries)

Thank you @wapiti and @covfefe for your answers!

I opened Finpension account and I think I’ll chose default global actions 100 with some modify.

I have other investissments , VWRL and some Mscsi World(in €), so it’s a good solution for me.

I did something really siimlar:

I’m trying to copy my portfolio in IB (with the difference of US stock).

Now they have a web interface…

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