Zurich Meetup October 2020 (Doodle)

Dear fellow Mustachians.

Since our Meeting in January a lot of things have happened, the COVID-19 made it unclear what the future of social gatherings would have been, and we have not organized any follow-up meetings.

I think by now we have all become “Physical Distancing” (I don’t like the term “Social Distancing”) experts and I believe it’s time again to meet each other again. :facepunch:t2:

How about to meet each other in Zürich and share ideas, get to know each other?

I suggest meeting for after work drinks! :tropical_drink: :beer:

I leave you the doodle for some possible dates here below:

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That’s some serious marketing right there. I’ll added my availabilities.

When will you lock down the Doodle and set the date?

Well, apparently the first option is becoming self deprecating :smiley:

Anyway, is anyone making a call on this? @demian91?

Well, ok, I am making the call: on Wednesday October 7th, I, Jacek and Nassos are meeting anyway. We don’t have decided for a place yet, but will drop it here in few days. If anyone wants to join…

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I’ll happily join, it’s time to see you again :wink:

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What about The Green Room@Limmatplatz, Zürich

They already know us, and there is always enough place for the Mustachian Meetup.

If you guys are of with it, I can do a reservation.

Mr.P :hot_pepper:

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Hello Group,

looks like there was quite a large participation, and also the date seems to be quite obvious:

Meeting will take place October 7th 2020 at 18:00

For the location I proposed the clouds bar in Zürich (https://clouds.ch/)

It’s the tallest bar in town and also the place where I organized the last limit, I find it appropriate since we are all following the goal to reach the sky! :slight_smile:

Thanks for organizing.
The Clouds bar, well, okay, but not really a mustachian location, just my two cents.
Any other alternatives?

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@Mr.Paprika small beer there costs 6.- CHF like any other place in Zürich.

I don’t see the problem to be honest. Besides, I wrote the location on Doodle, it was there since the beginning.

That’s the problem when you organize an event where 13 people participants, everyone will have his own preference opinion about a place to meet, that’s why I suggested a place to start with to avoid this kind of discussions.

But hey let’s have the group decide:

  • Clouds Bar - Prime Tower Hardbrücke
  • The Green Room - Limmatplatz

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Oh okay, pls don’t feel offended. :wink: Since you put for 4 hours ago your suggested place in the topic, probably not everybody noticed the location in the Doodle. Peace! :peace_symbol: :v:t2:

I’m okay with both, but I think we had almost over 3 or 4 times the Meetup in The Green Room. That’s why I put this into the discussion.

But you organize, we attend. Next time :slight_smile:

FYI it’s 14 people now. My calendar got free for the 7th of October. But if it’s like the Meetup in Zug I organized I guess only 7 will effectively show up :wink:

Id love to come but won’t be able to. Hope there will be another meetup soon!

I wanted to withdraw my vote and let you guys decide, given that I’m new here and it makes really no difference the place (vs. the company), but it doesn’t seem to be possible… so I moved it and created a deadlock :smiling_imp:

Jokes aside… either way is good, pick whichever helps to increase participation.

I’m out due to health issues, you can skip my answer too in the vote. Sorry for that, but I don’t want to risk anybody’s health. Have fun you guys! :beers:

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So… it’s Clouds or The Green Room?

So the majority picked The Green Room, so be it.

@Mr.Paprika no offense taken :wink: would you mind to reserve for us there, since you know the place already?

Best regards


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Sure, I’ve done the reservation right now, and let you know after a confirmation. But in general should be okay.

I feel really sorry I cant attend :pensive:

hi guys,
sry but i cannot come :frowning_face:

So we will be like 12 people? 18:00?

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