Zurich Meetup 14.5.2017 in Zurich Höngg


Not this time, I’m in TI and I have to catch a flight early monday.

But looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Last call for interested mustachains, send me a message and i will return all the details of where and when. you are all invited :slight_smile:


Thanks nugget for hosting this meetup. It feels good to meet others with the same goals/interests in FI !


Hi guys, it was very nice seeing all of you as well :slight_smile: I hope we can organize more meetings in the future!


Same here, thanks nugget for the organisation! And thanks everyone for the interesting discussions. :slight_smile:


Hoi zäme! Oh man! I missed such a good opportunity to meet you guys! I hope there’ll be another meetup in Zurich or Zentralschweiz region. I’d love to meet you and discuss your FI strategies.


Is this meetup still running?


no, that was a one-time meetup :slight_smile: so please, take the initiative :smiley:


Pombeirp isn’t in the forum any more, do you know what happened? Did he go back to Portugal ?


he changed his username


Ah, ok. And under which nickname does he write now ?



I think he did it for privacy reasons so connecting his old username to the new one would kind of defeat the point.


Sorry, edited my post accordingly