Zurich Meetup 14.5.2017 in Zurich Höngg


Dear all,
let’s have a mustachian BBQ-meetup! I am situated in Zurich Höngg and can easily host 10-15 persons. I’d aim for some sunday afternoon in May or June. Would you be interested?

  • If the date fits I’d like to join!
  • everything else

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I think of 3-6pm or something, maybe not too long unless heated discussions arise :smiley:

me :smiley:
@Julianek +1
@Nicolas +1


Let me then propose the following…

We can organize the Meet-up in Lugano… ( better weather than Zurich) there is a very nice place (for FREE) just across the lake where we can organize a barbecue I can help to organize the boat that can take us there, then everyone brings its own meet.

I’ll offer some beers :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think



Good idea !
Maybe both of them ? :grin::sunglasses:


I am in! Except I won’t be available end of june. But I’ll gladly join otherwise! Regarding the place, let’s see what people prefer. I live in Zürich so that would be closer to me, however HdLR’s proposal sounds very interesting too!


Although I’ve never been to Lugano and would like to visit, it’s probably too far away for me, coming from the French side.


We could car-pool. I’m near Murten so we could actually drive there together if the date fits.


Heyall, thanks for all those replies!
I would prefer to stick to the zurich location. so I made a doodle to find a date:

the exact location i will give you later :slight_smile:


doodle has spoken: Sunday May 14th it is! in case the weather is bad i can host you easily inside.
Would you be coming alone or with partner / children/ … ?

I will provide a basic stock in sausages & beer. anything fancy you have to bring yourselff :slight_smile:

maybe a few salads or desserts would be nice! in best case something home-country-specific so we take full advantage of the international diversification :smiley:


Great! I’ll be going alone, and I can bring some German beer and Portuguese desert.


Hi Nugget, I haven’t been on the forum for a while so I missed the doodle but I would still like to join if possible. Is the ‘registration’ still open? :smiley:



so please everyone, let me know if and with how many company you will come! So far only @pombeirp did :slight_smile:


I’ll come with one more person :slight_smile:


@nugget apologies, but I won’t be able to make it. I thought I’d be available on that date but it turns out I’ll be traveling for work.

Thanks for taking the initiative to organize this. Hope you all have a great time, and hopefully there’ll be more mustachian BBQs this summer.


@nugget thank you very much for the organization, I was already looking for trains (I’d come from the very south of CH) but then the OH dampened my enthusiasm talking about pre-existing family plans… :flushed:
Have fun, next time I’ll try to be around !


Great! I’m in. I have a friend who might be interested as well. I’ll let you know if he joins as soon as possible. Thanks for organising this!


@nugget My +1 confirmed. Looking forward to meeting you all! :smiley:



please everyone, let me know if and with how many company you will come!


Enjoy guys! :smile: looking forward to read the meeting minutes :wink:


Aren’t you joining us? The more the merrier!


whoever wants to join in, plz tell / pm me so i can send you the details! I dont want to publicly post them :wink: