Your Health Insurance in 2023

It is Health-Insurance.switching-time again!
What will be your health insurance in 2023?
Refer to your Grundversicherung, not the supplementals.
list taken from official Prämienrechner 2023 – Priminfo

Add your comments & rationale below :slight_smile:

  • Agrisano
  • AMB
  • Aquilana
  • Assura
  • Atupri
  • Avenir
  • Concordia
  • CSS
  • EasySana
  • EGK
  • Einsiedeln
  • Galenos
  • Helsana
  • Ingenbohl
  • KKLH
  • KLuG
  • Kolping
  • KPT
  • MooveSympany
  • Mutuel
  • ÖKKLandquart
  • Philos
  • Provita
  • Rhenusana
  • Sana24
  • Sanitas
  • SLKK
  • Steffisburg
  • Sumiswalder
  • Supra
  • Swica
  • Visana
  • VitaSurselva
  • Vivacare
  • VivaoSympany
  • Wädenswil
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I go KPT, as currently price is the only variable for me to optimize :money_mouth_face: and they are the top of the list for zurich.

[edit: i was with assura since the start of my financial literarcy journey years back]


Do you have a statistic of your previous insurances, if you switched always to the cheaper one? I wonder if there is some kind of discussion between them to set the prices for the cheapest.

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I am still checking the supplemental insurances as well. These are a real headache, since they are not easy to change (unless perfectly healthy) and might change differently from basic insurance. But for basic insurance it’s clear cut this year: KPT, cheapest and well rated on Comparis.

(Switches in the past few years: Sympany → CSS → Assura)

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KLUG for my kids
KPT for me

Rationale: It’s the cheapest combination (I use the highest deductibles). I hardly claim on mandatory health insurance, so for me it’s more or less a tax to be minimized.


Does KPT send bills as eBills? Do they have an app that you can use to scan medical bills?

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And probably most important: how can I check if I can keep complementary insurances if I change the basic insurance to another company? :sweat_smile:


As a reminder - the health insurances premiums 2023 will be uploaded on today 27th September at 14:00.
You can change until 30th of November.

@Moderators : Do you want to open a thread for 2023 specifically or continue on this one ?



Yes, 20 characters


I will stay with Assura as my complementary insurance is with them and I cannot change it for now.

KPT is the cheapest one in Vaud, but I don’t know if I’ll change Canton in 2023 (Fribourg). If it is the case I’ll spend 40 CHF/m less with the same insurer and the cheapest one is Sympany there.

By the way I would pay 156 CHF/a less with KPT in Vaud, so it’s ok if I stay with Assura :slight_smile:

Good question. I know that some health insurances will charge extra (up 50 CHF?) if you split, i.e. don’t have your basic insurance with the same company as the complementary insurance. But I don’t know which insurances do that nor do I know how to check other than call and ask.


2023: KPT
2022: KPT
2021: Arcosana (terrible onboarding experience)
2020: Assura
Before that, I didn’t challenge insurances on their price, so high premiums with CSS.

CHF 2,500 deductible, healthy, male, late 30s, Valais/Wallis region 1, no accident insurance.

I’m aiming for the lowest cost policy that doesn’t require me to call my insurer before going to my family doctor or a specialist they are directing me toward.


Why not?

Maybe you get less discount on the supplementary insurance (VVG), but I dont think a split can legally be prohibited.

I was long time with Assura, changed for ÖKK telemed last year and will moce maybe to Aquila.

I go for the cheapest option, but usially dont change if savings per year are less than 50CHF. Also I avoid schemes with to much restrictions.

  • obligation to choose between a number of specialists suggested: I want to chops my specialist myself if needed

  • obligation to buy medics only at sunstore Pharmacy (I think a Assura-only thing): I want to buy them at the closest possibily when I am sick or recovering from an accident

I have complemental with KPT and I guess I will switch the main one to KPT as well.

Anyone with a complemental KPT? I’m curious about the free health check. Never used it and I might want to use it before the end of the year without surprises.

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Going for the cheapest as always. In my case Aquilana Smartmed. Have to consult via app (symptom check/visio with doctor) before going to doc. I guess that will also save on doctor cost if I just need some basic stuff (light flu or something). Anyway until now, I was at the doctor’s once in the last 4-5y.

Cost 229.10 on a monthly basis (including reductions), and a 1% for yearly bill (I just want to get over with it, has nothing to do with the saving. I usually keep part of my 13th salary for that)

No supplemental insurance.

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You can always keep supplementary health insurance after moving your compulsory health insurance to a different insurance company.

Compulsory health insurance and supplementary health insurances are always two separate contracts and policies, each with their own terms and conditions. You have the legal right to terminate one but keep the other.

There are a few health insurance providers which make getting compulsory health insurance a prerequisite for getting their supplemental insurance. But even in this case, once you have the contracts, you have every right to terminate one and keep the others.


Do all the compagnies offer 2% discount if the premium are paid all at once at the begining of the year ?
Assura does so.

Let me be the one to link to Moneyland on this: Health Insurance: Premium Discounts and Late-Payment Penalty Comparison -

2%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.25% or nothing, depending on the insurer.

Some also offer something for semi-annual payments.


My assurance’s price didn’t change from this year!! Is it updated ?:thinking:

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2014-2021 Swica
2022 Arcosana (CSS)
2023 KPT most likely

Seems the lot here is quite content with KPT (at least no red flags :grin:).

Staying with CSS would entail nearly a 20% jump in base premium (2500 franchise), wtf. :open_mouth: