Which platform do you use to buy Crypto in CHF?

I’m new to investing and discovered rather quickly that the stock market is not really my thing. Now I’m all into crypto and was doing some research on which platform to use for my future Crypto purchases (BTC/ETH/LINK/LITE) through CHF fiat

  • Bitcoinsuisse has a 1.25% fee on purchasing crypto which is higher than the 1% I currently have at Swissquote (though you have to convert CHF into EUR/USD and will probably loose more in that process)

  • Swissborg asks for 1% but also charge withdrawals with a 0.1% fee. They only operate via App, which is something that bothers me. Appreatently they offer prices from 4 different Exchanges in order to guarantee best prices/spreads. Can this really make a big difference on the long run?

  • Kraken offers (I think) ~0.3% fees and you can deposit & withdraw fiat with a fee of 0.15 & 1 CHF through their new partner in Lichtenstein

Considering all these facts I believe Kraken to be the best choice for me… Would you agree? I mean yes, they are not based in Switzerland but it’s not like I’m investing a fortune and if I really ever get to have a large amount of crypto I wouldn’t let it on the exchange but withdraw it to a wallet for hodls…

PS: I was also surprised to see that Bitcoinsuisse requested to be backed by FINMA and operate as a regular bank. Isn’t the idea of Crypto to act independently from the banking system and decentralize things??

2 existing threads at least on this topic.
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What, the volatility and uncertainty/risk at the stock market are too low for your taste?

I read through all the other threads and couldn’t really find anyone comparing these platforms to each other…

Nah it’s just that I have a bad feeling about how the stock market is behaving right now… Shit is about to hit the fan pretty badly… I’d rather loose my money on something that at least sounds cool

You lost me here. :pensive:


You should be very very careful with crypto right now.
Look what happen right now with Ripple. All can break down.

SEC begin to strike crypto and until release their final decision you should be careful. All can drop badly if SEC close righ to exchange crypto/fiat.

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xrp community has been warned for years that this would happen, don’t feel sorry for them at all… altcoins took a small hit but correction came right after. btc is at an ath close to 30k (which is when i will take profits) and after volatility calms down and the price drops again, altcoins will fall with it and start pumping strong. buy the dips

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it was a joke… there’s too much wallstreet money in btc for it to go down under the 20 week average. nobody knows how most altcoins will behave in bear market tho


I use Kraken.
Chf transfer from swiss bank account to Kraken (Bank Frick via SIC transfer) is free. Look down under “chf transfer”:

Buying crypto on kraken is cheap (around 0.3%) and very easy.

I can’t emphasize this enough. But certain people might need the “safety” of a Bank to onboard to crypto assets. And keeping your coins save isn’t that simple for IT illiterate.

Do you let the money on the exchange ?

Currently, I use Swissquote which is a bit expensive 0.75% for order from 10’000 and around 1% of CHF/USD exchange fees. However, I trust a little more Swissquote than an other exchange.

@dinigi7 does Bitcoinsuisse 1.25% include the conversion in from CHF to USD? or can you trade directly in CHF?

do you have to pay taxes on your earnings/property in the us or in switzerland? how does this process work?

i have no idea… this company doesn’t really look appealing to me i don’t trust them but that’s just a gut feeling. they’re probably alright

i think you can buy crypto in chf so should all be included in the 1.25%

what about binance? ~0.1%

i might buy btc or stablecoin on kraken and transfer to binance/kucoin

No worries, as long as I can just this guy’s advice, who converted his entire XRP position to ETH in “must have been about one month ago:exploding_head: (that was his only sale transaction in cryptocurrency for the year)

I’d consider it the same as E-Money or Cash: Unless you’re only holding small amounts for everyday payment purposes, you have to declare crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

I use Relai, a swiss company with a swiss IBAN. https://relai.ch

No account, no registration, just CHF in, BTC out.

Basically it’s a non-custodial dollar cost averaging solution. Just set up regular buys. I have a weekly buy recurring job from PostFinance directly the their swiss IBAN account in CHF.

BTW, we get a 0.5% discount on fees if you use my referral code: REL1332

still 2.5% fees with the discount… thanks but no thanks

but do you have to pay taxes in the us? sorry if this is a stupid question but i reckon the us has a very unique taxing system and i don’t want to run into trouble

good for him, eth is doing pretty well and will even break ath in january i hope

edit: i think you posted the wrong link

Yes, as it is only play money/ a very small amount for the moment i do not want to bother. Will reassess.

Will declare it in my next swiss tax declaration (did not check yet in the software if there is a specific crypto category, otherwise will declare it as a bank account).
I do not understand what you mean with US tax

Did not search further as i was happy with Kraken.

For sure not the cheapest option but buying directly from your CHF account is convenient without prior deposit.

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