Which ETFs did you buy on Swissquote?

Several weeks ago, I posted this thread:

I decided to go with Swissquote since its fees are only slightly higher than its competitors and it is seems very reliable (and Swiss). The interface seems very non-intuitive to me, though, and I am not sure how to find the lowest fees ETF on the site without a lot of manual work. Does someone here have any recommendations?

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You don’t really want to research ETFs on the broker itself. You can use other sites like justetf.de to find what you need, and then you just have to check if it’s available on Swissquote.

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When you type e.g. “Vanguard” in your SQ Personal Page folder, you will see quickly most Vanguard ETF’s, which are traded at SIX in CHF. Once you add one, you see more information about this listing. And then it is most about, which ETF do you prefer in your personal situation. With the symbol on the left side, it is easy to google the related factsheet or KIID for this listing.



I used justetf.com to find the ETFs I needed.
For your information, I mostly buy the following :

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I bought mostly ETF from Vanguard because they are traded in CHF and you avoid the forex spread of 1% this way. VUSA, VFEM, VJPN, VAPX, VX5E.
For the swiss market segment there is nothing at Vanguard so I work with BlackRock
Ishares CORE SPI (CH) CHSPI where I can enjoy the distribution of capital gain not taxeable.
I think that nobody in Switzerland really needs more than these 6 ETF.
Good luck.

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