Which "broker" to use in switzerland to buy crypto?

“If they want to really find the honeypots here, it’s the worst-kept secret in crypto: how much insider trading is going on among the organizations that run the exchanges, and their side pockets that they use to manage liquidity. I mean, this is the biggest thing that’s been happening in crypto.”

Are there any changes after a year? I was talking about FTX, but we all know what happened to it… Binance does not allow you to deposit USD, the only possibility I think is via sepa with advcash (1€ commission). Do you use Kraken or Swissborg? The plan would be to make a PAC on BTC and send them to a cold wallet. So have the lowest possible fees for deposit and withdrawal.

Kraken. Send CHF, buy BTC, transfer out. Cheapest BTC withdrawal fees that I have seen.


Cheapest was FTX - for free! But Kraken’s fee’s are OK.

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I also use Kraken and so far I am happy with it, the fees seem fair too. Selling crypto, cashing in CHF then sending it back to my Swiss bank account works fine and is fast.

Now I wonder if it would be possible for Kraken to send money back in CHF to a Revolut account. Does Kraken accept Revolut as bank account? Anyone tried this out?


Revolut CHF account is not your personal one, so no it’s not going to work.

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Hi everyone
I’ve recently bought a ledger wallet and since before that I was just doing Revolut > Crypto.com and buying it there on a monthly basis, I’m wondering what would be the best option (i.e. lowest fees) to get that monthly new coins into my ledger?

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Transfer CHF to kraken, buy BTC, transfer BTC to ledger.