Where do you plan to FIRE?

Hey all

Not sure if its the right category…

I was wondering - if you reach your fire goal - do you plan to stay in Switzerland or do you want to move abroad or start traveling around?

I am just thinking - if I want to stay in Switzerland, I would need to have a lot more money invested than lets say in Portugal or somewhere else… what are your plans?

Definitely in Marbella (Malaga, Spain)

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My FU number is high enough to retire in Switzerland, but I don‘t see myself staying here. I might do some startup work I enjoy (being FI) wherever that might be and move frequently to enjoy new cultures by living there for a bit.

AHV still is a major headache for me. Is it worth continuing paying in and when is it even possible (difference between living in EU/EFTA v. rest of the world).

I will retire in 6 years. definitely in Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)

No plans yet, really depends on what I’m going to do.

  • If I want to stay in Switzerland and travel the world, I’ll need 2.5 million (~56).
  • If I move to Serbia/Bosnia/Thailand and travel the world, I’ll need 2.0 million (~53).
  • If I move to Serbia/Bosnia/Thailand and stay there, I’ll need 400k (~37).
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My main goal in life is that i dont want to work until i’m 65… so i would love (of course if its possible, never know what happens until then) retire early…

Is there like a website of the cost of living abroad in different countries / places?

As example: Right now I would need around 80-100k for 2 person household. That means i would need to have at least 2 millions invested.

However I own an appartment - 4.5 rooms, new, big (130m2) with 2 parkingspaces which - when i would start moving abroad - i could rent out… that would generate me around 20k income per year… so if i retire in a country where i would need 40k per year (for 2 PP), i would only need to make 20k from a different source (investments etc.)…

I think I’d want to FIRE wherever I’ll work in my 40s.
It’s quite hard for me to build a social circle, but incredibly important to have.
So going to some new place where I’m unlikely to make good friendships (aggravated by cultural or language barriers) isn’t appealing.

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Sort by “Cost of living plus rent index”. Switzerland will be at 95.1. To make things easier just assume the basis is 100%.

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Would be cool to calculate some overall fireability score based upon ease of getting long-term stay permits, Cost of Living, level of Freedom (e.g. freedom house index), rates of Xenophobia (if you’re likely to experience discrimination), infrastructure index, natural beauty (maybe some tourism rating), etc.

I’m thinking Uruguay would fair pretty well on such a score, right?

You’re giving me a good idea for my bachelor thesis in 2023 lol.

Haha great, you can give me one for my master thesis 2021 in return. Please? :smiley:

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“Master theses topics and the ways to name them, a multifactorial optimization geared toward the satisfaction of high level academicians while maintaining achievability by the student and prevention of understanding by the common masses.”


For me it’s a bit depending on my son too. He’s turning 3 years old soon. I initially planned to FIRE when he’s around 18 and move with my wife to Mexico, have a house at the ocean and some extra rooms for some AirBnB income. But who knows how the world looks like in 15 years.


Sound really appealing ! :slight_smile: I’m also targeting LatAm but I’ll have to wait until my youngest is at least 20 (and eldest 22) to see what they want to do with their lives. If both decide to go to Uni we’ll be screwed ! :joy:
For me it’s ca. 8 years from now (I’ll have to renegotiate mortgage in 9 years so I use that as a reference / target). Of course we’ll also have to take into account parents situation (health etc) by then.


I am targeting Switzerland to keep my options open.

Target is 1.65M at 55



Most of my friends and family are here.


I’m aiming for Switzerland. After all I am making my life here. It was a struggle to get out of South America. I don’t see myself going back there. Talking to my family and friends it is not for me.

In addition I cannot immagine have to live again with the possibility of being kidnaped* or a gun put in my head. I also do not wish that for my wife or visiting kids…

  • I know what I’m talking about, I was “flash” kidnaped whan I lived in South America…

That’s one of the reasons to wait until my son is able to sustain himself. Realistically I don’t think I would make it more than 10 years in Mexico before getting killed one way or another.

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In which country/city were you living ?

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How are you ok with such a large hit to your life expectancy?
Could you get a similar increase in life satisfaction in a country you percieve as more save?

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